Camp TSR


2018 After School Program
Registration Now Open! 


Life on the Inside at Camp TSR!

Life at Camp TSR is custom designed for each camper. We strive to provide the best facilities in the world, which attract campers of all skill levels and the top pros from around the globe each and every year. Along with that, we have a strong staff that provides radical training ideas with their fun-loving personalities. You will have an experience unmatched anywhere in the world. We want to help YOU become a better rider and athlete!

Looking for intense wake and skate training or just a week of water and fun in the sun? Either way, Camp TSR is perfect for you! We will encourage and help each camper reach their goals but always keep in mind their comfort and capabilities.

Camp TSR’s Mission

The mission of Camp TSR is to provide a fun and engaging program while caring for the physical and emotional well-being of our campers. We promote character development, improve skills on and off the water, celebrate diversity, expect mistakes for learning purposes, and teach leadership through example. Our greatest goal is to offer the best summer camp experience out there!

Make it the best summer EVER!

Camp TSR offers a fun and encouraging atmosphere for kids to pursue action sports in a safe and supportive environment. Beginners and advanced riders ages 6 – 16 will have a blast sampling skate park and water sport activities with TSR’s customized camp sessions. Based on your child’s aspirations (skating, snowboarding, wakeboarding, paintball, Nerf, etc.), sessions and teams will be assigned to accommodate wake and skate interests. Kids will learn the techniques to take new skills home to play and pursue as well as make lasting memories with new friends. Our experienced counselors and professional athletes provide a fun and motivating environment for campers to sharpen their physical and mental skills – while having a great time doing it!


8 thoughts on “Camp TSR

  1. Hi. My kids Eduardo and Patricio Vazquez attended your camp on week 4 and now that I am back home and trying to show the video to their grandparents, I cannot because it says that it has been blocked because of right issues. Is there something you can do? Thanks.

    • Hi Maria, the video still works on my end. Did you try watching it through the camp blog? Let me know if that doesn’t work and I will try to figure something else out!

    • Yes we do! 10% off any camp. We will need you to check in with a Military ID at Camp Check in to verify! Enroll your camper, pay the $200. deposit. E-mail to Request the Military Discount, and once we confirm eligibility we will adjust tuition due and you can finalize payment. Thank you for your service!!

  2. I really hope I can qualify for this for my son! I just saw if after I paid in full because I didn’t want to miss the 30 day deadline anymore than I did. My husband served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This is our first year signing up for this camp and my son and I are very excited!!

    • We are very excited for your son to join us for camp this year! We do offer a military discount. 10% off any of our camps. We will ask for a Military ID during the check in process, and we will apply the discount. We appreciate his service!!

  3. Ethan Terry’s father is in the air force. His tuition has been paid in full. Can the 10% discount be applied and his tuitiion reduced when he starts camp.?

    • Yes! We will ask for a Military ID during the check in process, and we will apply the discount. Since his tuition has been paid in full, we will refund the discounted difference during check-in. We appreciate his service!!

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