Welcome Session One TSR Campers!

CAMP TSR SESSION ONE HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!! At the Texas Ski Ranch, we kick off Summer every year with Cablestock, TSR’s international wake and music festival, but it never really feels like summer time until the campers roll in.  Which is exactly what happened today!  Camp TSR is charging full speed ahead with an afternoon of checking-in, saying bye to mom and dad, claiming bunk beds, meeting the counselors, “get to know you” games with all the campers, Stand Up Paddle boarding and best of all PRIVATE ride time on the cable lake from 6-7PM!

Parents: throughout the week we will be posting photos, new tricks learned, best crashes and other stories to keep you all in the loop as to what our AWESOME campers are up to!  We hope you have a nice, relaxing week… we promise to return your kids with a bag full of tricks, new friends, great stories and most importantly WORN OUT!!!

A few days we are REALLY looking forward to:

Wednesday: Pro Rider Shaun Murray will be stopping by TSR for the Hyperlite System Sessions and is giving Camp TSR campers a private coaching session!

Thursday: The CWB Good Vibes Tour is making its final stop at TSR, giving campers the chance to ride with CWB pro-riders Gabe Lucas, Andrew Adkison, Clay Fletcher and Keith Holly!

Thursday Night: TSR’s first Thursday Night Showdown!  Campers will have the opportunity to compete against others their age, and show off all the new tricks they have learned throughout the week!


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