Water Wolves v. Chupacabra Tribe

The report is in, TSR Campers are officially tearing through TSR. Camp TSR

Team Water Wolves and the Chupakabra Tribe dominated day one.  The Water Wolves definitely kicked the week off right.  Ariana and Justine got up on their wakeboards FIRST TRY on the Little Bro cable.  Little Frost tore it up on the Big Bro all day and Justine learned how to skateboard, even ride down a ramp! Ariana also learned to skateboard, and her and Little Frost tore it up on the wake surf!

Camp TSRThe Chupacabra Tribe definitely gave the Water Wolves a run for their money, they had a blast the first day!  They consist of a pack of four: Zac, Issac, Patrick and L-O-G. The tribe took to the boat first and ripped the wake in half. Fun continued to flow through their veins as they headed to the cable.  Frost is determined to throw a back roll and pledges to by the end of the week.  Today he went off the kicker and mastered the art of pushing unsuspecting people into the water. Patrick and Issac have been nonstop shredding on wake skates throughout the day. An intense tournament of Nork Ball (played on a pool table), wrapped the day up for the tribe. They plan on continuing their conquests in the morning!

Zac isn’t the only one hitting kickers, Ali also went off one today and was so close to clearing the wake behind the boat!  Anna definitely showed off her veteran wake-surfing skills and shredded it up behind the boat! Camp TSR

Ryan learned how to do a surface 180’s and air 180’s on the little bro, he then stepped it up to the big bro and mastered the first turn of the cable system!  Cole learned pop shove-its on the wakeskate and 180’s off the fun box!  Cody worked on learning nose grinds and tre flips while tearing up the skatepark.  Dylan got up for the FIRST TIME EVER on the little bro and can now ride down the entire lake and back!  And last, but certainly not least Alex learned to ride the rip stick and tried every action sport we threw his way!

This week’s camper seriously rock!  With everything they’ve accomplished during day one, who knows what they will learn by the end of the week!

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