Introducing Team Triple Crown & the Tinkle Fairies

Last night’s Tug-of-War: Max & Dan vs. Camp TSR CampersCamp TSR

Spoiler Alert, the Campers WON! 

Day 2 was another successful day at Camp TSR!  The Infamous group known as the Tinkle Fairies definitely tore it up!  Cody continued to pound the skatepark into submission and got up on the wake skate for the very first time! Cole spent the day biking, wakeboarding, skateboarding and wakeskating.  He even landed a 180 off the fun box!!! Ryan, having no close-toed shoes, perfected his own invention of “Feet Boarding” on the vert ramps and crisp air 180’s on the little bro.  He spent the rest of his free time fishing minnows out of the lake with friends. Alex OWNED the little bro today, dominating his wakeskate. He has a bet with Bobby Duke (Camp Photographer) that he will master a 360 by the end of the week!

Camp TSRTeam Triple Crown also had an awesome day! Ali is so amazing and funny! She had a gnarly face plant that was sooo sick, but was back on her feet 30 seconds later and almost cleared the wake! She is also planning on stomping a 360 off of the kicker by the end of tomorrow! Anna was super crazy writing Max (Assistant Director) a love note in hopes of bribing him in the “best-made bed” competition. He loved it! She also took an awesome crash after soaring over the wake….CAMP TSR has some pretty tough Girls!

It was an early morning for the Chupacabra Tribe after a chill didgeridoo session last night.  They discovered they are all seasoned masters at the ancient art of foosball, and Isacc was spinning some clean surface 360’s on the wakeskate. Zac took a nasty crash on the kicker, but was fired up and ready to ride after a few minutes of rest. Patrick stomped a 180 off the wake behind our camp X2, and capture the flag is on the schedule tonight with 202 flags! Patrick lost a bet, so during free ride he attempted to learn how to soar off of the TSR kicker!Camp TSR

The Water Wolves started their day on Lake Dunlap practicing their awesome wakeboarding skills. Justine took her first run behind the boat and worked on getting in and out of the wake. Little Frost practiced jumping the wake and got over three feet of air!!! Ariana was anxious as always to get out and tear it up! She is feeling comfortable and looking good going in and out of the wake; she hopes to learn how to hit the kicker tomorrow. After their awesome morning boat sesh, they spent the afternoon at the skatepark and on the cables. Ariana is FEARLESS and determined to ride the main cable.  She is already shredding all the ramps on the skatepark!  Justine inline skated all over the place and got some good runs in on the little bro. Little Frost also tore up the skatepark and practiced jumping buoys on the main cable. They have squeezed lots of swimming into their busy schedule, and last night wore themselves out playing tug-of-war!

TOMORROW: Ride Time with Pro-Rider SHUAN WATSON!!! Hyperlite System Sessions!

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