First TSR Showdown Tonight!

… and yesterday’s happenings!

First and foremost, the FIRST TSR SHOWDOWN of the season is tonight!  A few of the campers are already registered to compete. Parents- come out and watch your kids show off their sweet new moves!  5:00 PM!

Camp TSR w/ Shuan Murray

Camp TSR w/ Shuan Murray

A HUGE thanks to Shaun Murray for coming out to TSR yesterday for an awesome demo day!  The cable closed down for a bit during the camper training session.  This didn’t stop Murray from hanging out with the kids… instead of practicing wake and skate moves,  they took their skills to the ping pong table and gave him a run for his money!

Camp TSRThe Twinkle Fairies had another successful day at TSR, intimidating the park’s occupants with their manly smells of sweat, bacon, and gasoline. They strutted their tricks like peacocks fluffing their feathers. Cole now has his Pop-Shovits on lock, and his eyes are set on wakeskating the Transfer box. He also stomped a Shove-it off of the end of the fun box. These sick moves inspired him to shred in Thursday nights competition so watch out wakeskate division!! Cody can now do surface 180’s on the wakeskate, and continues to practice some raw nose slides. Ryan (AKA BLAZER!!!) has now made it to the third set of buoys, and is poised to take over the whole cable lake soon! Dylan spent some time on the cables, but focused most of his efforts on becoming the Ping-Pong champion. Alex learned an ollie in the skatepark today! It was sick! he also contested Dylan for the Ping-Pong crown.

CAMP TSRAs for the Water Wolves, Ariana got up on the main cable and is working on perfecting her starts off the dock. Little Frost is still ripping it up and shredding with serious style! Justine is hoping to get up on the main cable soon, so she spent the morning practicing her starts off the dock on the little bro. Little Frost rode her ripstick all over the skate park. Justine got back on the skateboard and is looking good with her turns. Ariana practiced going down ramps on her skateboard. Action sports aside, the Water Wolves had a great afternoon jumping off dock and playing Marco-Polo too!Camp TSR

The Chupacabra Tribe was awesome as usual! Despite the loss of counselor Logan, due to his epic battle with the concrete on the skatepark (he’s ok, just a separated shoulder), the group managed to have a successful day. Lots of funny stories such as Zac’s new found “allergy to pretzels” or Issac’s sick slam on the fun box. Patrick’s greatest achievement was dominating everyone in a pillow fight, while Issac is rightfully proud to have conquered his fear of the fun box. Zac almost landed a backroll off of the kicker to top off an incredible day at TSR. Camp TSR

Team Triple Crown tore TSR apart today! Anna soared off the incline and stomped a 180 off the box! She plans to hit the booter  and will hopefully compete in the Thursday night Showdown! Ali, Ali, Ali. What an amazing athlete. She stomped 360’s off of the box and is on the verge of landing it off the kicker. She is also competing in the contest tonight!

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