Showdown & Final Full Day Antics

Camp TSRCody, Cole, Ryan (Mr. Blazerrific) and Dylan all got into an epic mud fight at the boat lake with the lovely ladies of TBarM. Cole competed in the wake skating competition, placing third! He landed the only pop shoveit in the entire competition! Cody chilled on the boat today and had a relaxing wakeskating session on the little bro, mastering his surface 180’s. Ryan (Dr. Blazerama) learned how to wakesurf today, and showed some real progress. He also made it all the way to the last corner on the cable lake, showing what a hard worker he is. He also caught a perch with a makeshift rod along with Alex, who caught one with his bare hands! Wow! He also cleaned up at the freebie giveaway, winning tons of prizes.  Camp TSRDylan played with his friends ALL day today. He had a blast on the lake and enjoyed meeting the pros. Zac had the catch of the day, winning an expensive set of headphones! He spent part of the day at Canyon Lake making fishing rods, and had a fun time at the lake. Issac took some major steps on the surfboard today, dominating Canyon Lake! Patrick had a chill day at the lake, soaking up the sun and enjoying the day with all of his friends at the lake.Camp TSR
As the week comes to an end the Water Wolves are still going strong. They started the morning at the skatepark where Little Frost showed off her ripstick skills. Justine improved her inline skating and showed us all how fast she can go! Then they moved to Canyon lake where they swam and Ariana and a few others made fishing lines out of sticks and fishing pieces they found on shore.  After lunch they got on the boat and went wake surfing. Ariana is really getting the hang of it and pops right up. Justine got up for for the first time (with the help of a ring pop) and was persistent even though the board was bigger than her! As we say goodbye, we look back at the improvement we’ve made: Little Frost nailed her 360 on the Little Bro, Ariana learned to wakesurf, and moved to the main cable, and Justine learned to ride the cables, and is so close to being able to start off the dock, as well as wakeboard out of the wake! We hope they continue to improve and give their best because they all have so much potential!!! Camp TSR

Team Triple Crown had a killer day at TSR!!! Anna managed to score a backpack from the Good Vibes Tour giveaway, and even had pro’s to sign it! She also wakesurfed and wakeboarded like a Pro! Ali placed 4th in the showdown but everyone thinks she deserved 1st! She is becoming an amazing rider. Today she went off of the transfer box for the first time ever and stomped it right away!!!!!!

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