Session One Wrapped Up

Session One Campers– Thank you all for an absolutely amazing week!  You guys seriously rocked!  You were fun, tough, playful, outgoing, energetic, athletic and really helped kick off Camp TSR’s Summer Season!  We had a great time and hope you did too.  We hope you all make it out to ride again this summer, and maybe even join us for another week of camp!  Not from the area?  We hope to see you next year.  You are all officially part of the TSR family 🙂

Check out photos and videos from the week, share with your friends and leave comments!  If you want to add a comment or quote to the testimonial page, just email Catie at and we will get it up there!

Also keep an eye on the blog throughout the summer.  We will be posting video and photo contests for CAMPERS ONLY, and give you guys the chance to win some super sweet prizes!


– The Camp TSR Staff

PS… we are listening to you, the polls are in:

Favorite thing to do at TSR: Wakeboarding, Night Ride & the Cable Lake

Favorite activity: wakeboarding, swimming, the boat, wake surfing

Least favorite activity: waking up, karate, Bunny Bunny, night games

You want more: skating, free time and boat time

Funniest moments of the week: TPing Max’s truck, Max, Lindsey’s face plants

What you would change: Nothing, more boat time, less games, more wake surfing, and our favorite: you would make it longer!

Favorite Food: bean & cheese burrito, goulash, pasta, pancakes, cherrios, Wahoo’s Tacos, nachos & waffles

Favorite Emloyee: 1. Max 2. Lindsey & Logan 3. Josh, Dan & Michelle (Carrie, Bonnie & Jessie received some shout outs too)

What you guys want to learn next year: Back Roll, Wake Surfing, Wake Skating, Fun Box, 360, Booter & Ice Berg

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