Ahahhhhhhh Session TWO!

The first full day of Camp TSR is in the books and we all had a blast!  The triple digit temps didn’t stop us, with sunscreen and water in our arsenal we were ready to dominate cable, boat and skate! Camp TSR

Now on to introductions: The Shred Kings, Shredmeisters, Zebras, Soul Skaters, Water Goats and Wake Warriors!

The Shred Kings are leading the pack learning all sorts of awesome new tricks. Chad, Garrett, Myrtle and Preston all engaged in the most epic “king of the floatie” competitions against Jed, and sadly were all dethroned at least once!  They also had a kicker party (where the group all attempted a trick off the kicker, met up and walked back discussing what to do differently)!  Top trick’s for this group: Tyler worked on air raleys on the little bro and landed one off the kicker, and Chad learned a sweet stalefish grab!

The Shredmeister’s are also picking things up super quickly.  Staying true to the Shredmeister name, Garrett shredded hard behind the boat, attempting to clear the wake and landed a 360 on the funbox!  Jackson warmed up with wake-to-wake jumps behind the boat, attempted toeside grabs and successfully stuck the funbox and kickers!  Mark has been working on his backroll behind the boat and landed one after only a few trys!  He even perfected a scarecrow on the cable!  These boys better be competing in Thursday Night’s Showdown!Camp TSR

The Soul Skaters were equally awesome as they fearlessly attempted new tricks! Myrtle is learning a front roll off of the big Triple Crown kicker and is so close to sticking it! He only has to keep that handle in!  Bryan, an accomplished shredder on a skateboard is mastering his new-found water art of wakeboarding step-by-step, and successfully completed a grueling lap of the cable today! Jedd mastered the funbox and is now boosting off the kickers too! He’s going to work hard at perfecting his air-time with style tomorrow!

Team Zebras!!! “yes 3 exclamation points!” This team of rough and tough girls are now little bro graduates moving onto bigger and better things THE BIG CABLE! After an amazing morning of wakeboarding, they hit the skatepark with ripsticks, boards and bikes covering every inch of shreddable area. The girls spent the afternoon on the boat and Anna showed off with her awesome jumping skills. Kim, Raquel and Morgan are loving every minute of camp, and if they can stop laughing for half a second, would tell you that they are pumped to be learning to ride so quickly!

The Water Goats are off to a great start with Chance showing major potential as he conquered the Little Bro with minimal effort! He also dominated deep-water starts on the boat, getting up each pull! Allen had a great day on all things BOARD! He mastered the biggest ramps in the skate park LAYING DOWN! Allen is progressing beautifully on the Little Bro honing in those new skills, and Eddie is making an impact of his own at TSR with brand new, never before seen dance moves on land, in water and shredding every inch of that little bro cable system!

Camp TSRThe WAKE WARRIORS joined the Water Goats most of the day and have a lot to say about their star boarder! Colby is the only person we know who can shred the big cable for 30 minutes straight! His stamina with riding also showed through to his grit as he tried the funbox slider today! He hasn’t stuck it yet, but the guy is a tough one and will land it tomorrow for sure! Colby shredded in and out of the wakes behind the boat and will be jumping in no time at all! He is very keen on a wakeskate as well!

We are super thankful for you parents allowing your kids to bless us this week! Know that they are in good hands and having a blast! We hope to see you Thursday for the Showdowns!

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