Camp TSR War & Flags

Camp TSRThe Shred Kings spent the morning on the boat, starting the day by shredding the lakes face off. Tyler seriously tore it up and stomped a huge front roll first try! Chad spent some time with the coach’s on the boat trying to learn a back roll, and even flipped off the kicker…though he back flopped instead of landing on his feet. Dan learned to hit the fun box and consistently landed it all day! He also learned how to drop into a half pipe on his bike. Preston is now soaring wake to wake behind the boat and sucessfully landed the booter on the cable.

The Wake Warriors had an awesome day too! Colby spent the morning shredding the skatepark, and managed to land the fun box over 20 times in the afternoon! He also showed off his extreme paddle boarding skills and landed the incline rail this afternoon! Camp TSR

The Shredmeisters started the day by dropping in on the halfpipe! Jackson hit almost everything on the cable lake, including the transfer box, fun box, kicker and even did some surface 180’s. Garrett learned how to ride a wakeskate, and by the end of the day looked like a seasoned pro! Mark shredded the cable all day, learning roll to reverts, scarecrows, and even a krypt!

Camp TSRIt was an awesome day for the Zebras!!! They started the morning with a bongo drum wake up call, and went straight to the skate park where the girls tore it up on skateboards and rip sticks. They spent most of the day on the main cable where K.G. (Kim) made it to the first buoy, Momo (Morgan) made it almost all the way to the third and Rocky (Raquel) made it off the dock and is determined to make around the first corner! Anna shredded the main cable and got a lot of great swimming in, and is going to learn 180’s tomorrow.   Camp TSR

Myrtle has been working on throwing Mexican back rolls, and he finally got one! He is so excited that he now wants to learn more tricks and compete in Thursday Night Showdown! Jedd went wake to wake on the boat, and was so excited that he let out battle cries and some epic fist pumps! Bryan got up behind the boat first try and even went out-side the wake! I must say Bryan is becoming quite the wakeboarder!!!

Camp TSRFinally, the Water Goats had a stellar day at TSR! Eddie played a couple exciting rounds of ping pong to work on his hand eye coordination. He also made it to the first set of buoys on his wakeboard! Broriffic! Allen rode his skateboard on his chest again, and succeeded in conquering even bigger ramps! Bro-Shakalaka! Chance showed his raw experience on the little bro, setting an example for the younger kids.

They wrapped up Day 2 with an epic Tug-of-War competition and extreme Capture the Flag with 202 flags!

WOOOOO CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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