Prepping for the Thursday Night Showdown!

Camp TSRThe Shred Kings had an epic day! Preston learned to hit the ice berg, booter, and even the kicker. Dan can now stomp both the kicker and the booter, and he was able to tweak out some sick tail grabs. Chad learned to hit the booter and did a sweet stale fish off the kicker. Tyler learned to do frontside and backside 360’s off the kicker and C rail!

The Shredmeisters went out on the boat again this morning! Jackson, the jedi master that he is STOMPED wake to wake jumps and the incline rail! Garrett continued his conquest in mastering the wakeskate, managing to pull off 360’s and jumping starts by the end of the day.

The Wake Warriors Shredded again today! Colby had a great day, cleanly landing the incline rail every single time! His constant enthusiasm and energy push all the other campers to shred even harder!  Camp TSR

Chance learned how to go down some gnarly ramps, it was RAD! He also made some progress on the big cable, almost making it all the way around. Allan dominated the boat today, and had a blast skating all of the ramps. Eddie enjoyed a starring role as a wicked BREAKDANCER in the Water Goats skate video!

The Zebras!!! made huge improvements today! Morgan made it to the third buoys a few times and consistently passes the first set of bouys. Kim made it all the way around the cable and even got up behind the boat on her first try! Rocky is still working on her starts off the dock, and went slayshin’ in and out of the Camp TSRwake! They also had a great skate session where they choreographed skate videos!

The Soul Skaters had an awesome day! Jedd landed the kicker and even signed up for the Showdown on Thursday night! Bryan played on the little bro and practiced riding switch and jumping off the platform. He also showed us all up on the skate park! Myrtle ripped the skate park to pieces on his bike! He also shredded on the cable lake, stomping his Mexican Back Roll!


Check out the Thursday Night Showdown tomorrow night and stay for BINGO after!  It will

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