Last Day of Action, Session Two

Camp TSR took full advantage of the last full day of action at TSR.  They shredded the cable lakes, spent some time on the boat and many campers and counselors even chose to ride in the Thursday Night SHOWDOWN!!!  Camp TSR

The Wake Warriors had a stellar day! Colby was the first person to shred the cable lake and went strong all day long!  He has really improved his riding skills this week and tried Stand Up Paddling for the first time too!

It has been a great week for the Zebras!!!  They definitely ended it all with a bang.   Kim is riding circle after circle on the main lake and has improved so much on the boat! Morgan made it all the way around the cable and even completed a second lap! Raquel made it past the first set of buoys almost every time, and was feeling daring with Morgan.  Both girls made it outside the wake behind the boat!  The Zebras have had a great time and hope to continue improving all of their skills!

Camp TSRThe Soul Skaters definitely made TSR proud today.  Myrtle represented Camp TSR competing in the Thursday Night Showdown and did an amazing job.  He even attempted one of his incredible Mexican Back Rolls!!! Jedd worked hard all day to make sure he could stomp his run in the competition, and ended up doing an amazing job.  He also had fun on the 12 foot half pipe, climbing up and sliding down on his butt! Bryan, the awesome skater that he is schooled Emitt in a game of skate and showed everyone up at the skatepark!

THE WATER GOATS had an epic day at camp TSR!!! Eddy rocked the entire park, maximizing his day by shredding the tar out of the cable!!! He mocked the first buoys before sadly being conquered by the second ones. Chance Thoroughly enjoyed his day, participating in an epic mud fight in the boat lake. His wakeboarding skills increased exponentially as he practiced his carving on the little bro. Allan was another epic warrior in the Great Mud War of 2011. He also rocked the skatepark, mastering bigger and bigger ramps throughout the day!Camp TSR

The Shredmeisters had a full day of non-stop riding, Garrett and Jackson both took full advantage! They both shredded all day, stopping only long enough to scarf down some food and ice their minor bruises before returning to tear the cable to pieces once again.

Finally, the Shred Kings had a ridiculously awesome day! Tyler tore the intermediate division to shreds, stomping his runs and almost landing a backside five for his wild card! Chad and Preston also competed, making themselves forces to be reckoned with in the beginners division! Dan dominated both the skatepark and the cable all day, fearless of every sport at TSR!!!

It has been an amazing week and we are so proud of all of our campers!  Especially those who competed in the Thursday Night Showdowns (all summer long, campers should come back every Thursday night to compete)!

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