Bon Voyage Session 2

It has been another great week at Camp TSR and we would like to give a very special THANK YOU to all of our awesome campers for coming out and spending their time with us!  We were seriously impressed with the talent and learning ability of campers this week.  They definitely held their own out on the cable park and gave some of the locals a run for their money!  Especially in the Thursday Night Showdown!  Jed, Myrtle, Jenson, Tyler and Chad all competed (Chad even placed 3rd in beginner)!

Camp TSR

Check out photos and videos from the week, share with your friends and leave comments!

Also keep an eye on the blog throughout the summer.  We will be posting video and photo contests for CAMPERS ONLY, and give you guys the chance to win some super sweet prizes!

Parents, we know you work hard to send your kids to camp… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

– The Camp TSR Staff

PS… we are listening to you, the polls are in:

Favorite part about Camp TSR: wakeboarding, TSR Showdown and the cable lake

Favorite activity at Camp TSR: wakeboarding, the cable lake and games

Least favorite activity: skateboarding & games

You want more: wakeboarding, skateboarding, cable time, boat time, mini ramp and sleep

Funniest moments of the week: Eddie dancing, wakeboarding, ping pong, Pass the Trash, time on the skate ramp, Max pulling kids out of bed in the morning, prank calls, tug of war and wake wipe outs!

What you would change: eight of you said NOTHING (thanks!), you would play less games and move the skatepark closer to the cable lake

Favorite Food: tacos, hamburgers, beans, chili dogs, french toast, chicken and pancakes

Favorite Emloyee: 1. Max 2. Jed 3. Josh 4. Lindsey, Jessie & Nathan 5. Jordan, Andrew, Dan, Bobby Duke, Michelle and Kaylee

What you guys want to learn next year: air tricks, new ramps, fun box, railey, wake skate, 360 off the kicker and skiing

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