Bring On Session Three!

TSR has opened their arms wide to welcome our awesome session three campers!  With a few new kids and several return campers, the TSR staff has been pumped for the arrival of this group.  With two monumental holidays this week — National Surf Day and National Go Skate Day– we have been sure to get plenty of celebrating in, via water and land!

Starting it off, we introduce the Lady Shredders! So far Grace has learned to carve and is working on getting past the evil first set of buoys. She will defeat them, and hopes to claim this victory by sundown. Bela has graduated from the little bro and is working on mastering her starts on the main cable. Hayden dominated the boat and the little bro for the very first time today! Hayden and Grace have been studying the ancient art of skateboarding and will be learning ramps on the morrow!

Ryan, a team of one was in serious need of some TSR brainstorm power to find the perfect team name.  So Monday, he turned to front desk creative gurus Tanner and Gussie, and his fearless counselor Josh to officially name his team “The Black Pirates.” Once he came up with a team name he moved on to bigger and better things, skateboarding.  He also carved on the Little Bro cable showing off some serious wake skills.  Tuesday, Ryan practiced wakeboarding all day and took on the notoriously evil first set of buoys!

The Shred City Riders had an awesome day too! Caleb has charged the structures head on, hitting the funbox, iceberg and transfer box. He also learned better carving techniques with Frank who attempted the funbox too. John mastered the little bro, and finds wakeboarding to be much easier than wakeskating. He attempted the big cable but has not been victorious in making it around… yet! Camden learned to wakeskate on the Little Bro, shredded the main cable and dropped in on the half pipe skateboarding!

The Shredders had a truly Splendiferous day! Merrick had a blast skateboarding and longboarding – He definitely dominated the half pipe! Koen hit the funbox for the first time and stomped it! Kallen learned how to perform a bench start on the cable and had an awesome time Paddle Boarding to represent TSR in National Surfing Day!

Rikki did an amazing job making it down and back on the Little Bro with grace and beauty, and fearlessly headed to the main cable! Sister Racquel was equally awesome awesome, making it up behind the boat today for the first try!  This is a great feat since she only learned to wakeboard Sunday! Baileigh tried a 180 on the boat which was so much fun to watch, she even plans on hitting the incline rail tomorrow! Kenedy is doing a great job, she was able to make it to the first buoy on the cable lake, and is working on making it all the way around!

To wrap it all up, Matthew, Alejandro, Tarzan and Cade have been shredding the cables with goals of their very own. Matt and Ale have a bet going to see if Matt can land a shove-it on the wakeskate! Ale has been working on 360’s off the kicker and Tarzan kicks it on the funbox and the ice berg and is moving forward to add more skills to his arsenal. Cade, who is only seen during the day comes out and destroys the little bro, and is hoping to take on the main cable soon.

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