Preparing for the Showdown!

Session Two is going strong and campers are mentally and physically preparing themselves for Thursday Night’s Showdown!  Capture the flag, lake time, tug-of-war, skate time and swimming are in the intense work out regimine. Camp TSR

The Wave Riders had an UBER PRODUCTIVE day!Rikki and Racquel have a bet with Max that if they make it around the entire cable lake, he will wear a tutu and wig for the showdown! They are SOOO pumped to see him embarassed. Baileigh and Kenedy are the sand castle Queens of TSR!!! They have been having so much fun building sand castles for their pet crawfish, decorating them with rocks and anything they can find on the beach!

The Black Pirates pillaged TSR all day long! Ryan had another fantastic day, giving the cable operaters plenty of practice as he ruthlessly chipped away at the big cable lake. He hopes to make it around the entire lake by Friday!

The Shredders tore TSR to pieces today! Merrick had an awesome time on the boat, slaying his wake to wake jumps over and over. Koen took on the wake to wake challenge as well and took the gnarliest faceplant I’ve ever seen, but was up and going soon after! Kallen learned to carve outside the wake for the very first time. What a great day! Camp TSR

The Lady Shredders woke up to rain, but didn’t let that slow them down in the least. They started the morning on the cable where Bela made it all the way to the first set of Buoys! Grace is almost past the first set of bouys and Hayden is riding all the way to the end of the Little Bro. They had the oppurtunity to spend the early afternoon on the boat all by ourselves. Grace learned to get in and out of the wake and Hayden shredded all over the place! Bela was carving back and forth behind the boat as well! The weather calls for rain tomorrow, but the Lady Shredders are prepared to rip up the lake in any weather short of thunder and lightning!

Camp TSR The Shred City Riders started the day with an awesome cable sesh. Noone was on the water and they got to shred the face off of the perfectly smooth lake! John attempted to shred the main cable, but has not yet been successful. Caleb shredded the transfer box, and Frank learned to hit the Fun Box! Frank also learned to hit the fun box! Camden finally got the courage to hit the booter but wasn’t able to land it, YET! They also played a game on the paddle boards named JAWS, which is super intense!

The Energizer Bunnies just keep going, and going, and going, and going! Alejandro shredded the cable as always, with Matthew and Tarzan as his epic compadres! Alejandro took some awesome crashes, while Tarzan lost a bet to Max, forcing him to ride even more than he had already!

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