Last Day Shenanigans

Day four of camp ended beautifully as the sun on the Showdown Competition. Some of the more advanced campers were seen out competing after a long week of training. Camp TSR

The Energizer Hip Hopsters repped camp well as the took their skills to the lake every day. Alejandro took to the competition aggressively by carving hard into the jumps and flying over the entire iceberg rail. Matthew went out in similar style with the determination and drive to win the beginner division with style but took a fall near the end. Tarzan (Harry) impressed the crowd with his seasoned riding and competed with confidence. Cade, being the friendly chap he is, took to everyone in the group like his own brothers and had a blast all day on the water. He has been pushing his riding all week long.
Not to be confused with the bad guy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Team SHREDDERS has really taken a newfound sport to the level of addicted. This sport I am writing of is STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING! Shredders love the 11′ 4″ boards. Merrick is especially enthusiastic about getting out and having fun on them. The whole team really got the hang of them!  Kellan is now tearing up the little bro cable with ease and Koen has grown a figurative foot in a week in his skateboarding skills.Camp TSR
Girlie Power Team hit lake Dunlap today after the rains calmed the wind and looked forward to glassy smooth water. Baleigh did amazing by charging the wake and trying 180’s. She rode switch and showed all the boys up. Kenedy’s ride can be described as “pro” because of her versatility between the boat and the cable lake. She almost got around the first bouy. Rikki was determined to make it around the lake after successfully edging beyond both wakes behind the boat. Raquel is also slayshing back and forth behind the boat and SOO close to rounding the hardest turn on the big cable.
The Shred City Riders team also took to the lake with Frank the Tank learning beautiful one-wake jumps, half way across to the other side! John was rolling out behind the boat and carving hard. Caleb cleared the whole distance of the wakes and Camen is now charging the wake trying to get him as boosted in the air as possible. This afternoon was filled with a little more relaxing paddleboard action as the team prepared for some New Braunfels late night shredding at night ride!
Camp TSRRyan, the man behind the dance moves, has been bringing some style to TSR. After a long session shredding on the little bro and the main stretch of the big lake, he paddleboarded, swam and collected the ever-valuable camp currency, gumballs!
Team Conquer, the lady shredders, has had an amazing week with wakeboarding, paddleboarding, swimming, skateboarding and rock climbing! With all of the action at the night games and in the sand, they are all sad for the days end and home tomorrow. Hayden rocked-out on the little bro cable making it all the way down and is riding like a champ behind the boat! Grace is making it around farther on the cable and going outside of each wake behind the boat! Bela is also creating the ability to carve on and off of the cable lakes. Today we were joined by a new camper named Ivy and she is working on that control on the Little Bro system.
This week has been great and we end today with not only cake and ice cream for Max and Jed’s birthdays!!….but smores on the beach!! What a great time we are having at camp. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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