Adios Session 3 Amigos!

THANK YOU Session 3 Campers for an AWESOME week!!  There was definitely an assorted crowd of fearless beginners and rock star veterans, but we were seriously impressed with each and every one of you.  We are so glad you all chose to spend your week with us and hope you had as much fun as we did!

Check out photos and videos from the week, share with your friends and leave comments!

Also keep an eye on the blog throughout the summer.  We will be posting video and photo contests for CAMPERS ONLY, and give you guys the chance to win some super sweet prizes!

Parents, we know you work hard to send your kids to camp… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

– The Camp TSR Staff

Camp TSR

The Polls are in:

Favorite thing about CAMP TSR: Wakeboarding, Boat, Skateboarding, Smores, Paddle Boarding, Funbox, Making New Friends, Logan, Cable Lake

Favorite camp activity: Wakeboarding, Paddle Boarding, the Boat, Skateboarding, Swimming, Night Ride, Watching a Movie, Cable

Least favorite camp activity: Games, NOTHING, Paddle Boarding, Skateboarding, Big Cable, Walking to the Cabin, Sleeping, Tug-of-War

Activity you want more of: Skateboarding, Boat, Paddle Boarding, Swimming, Sleep, Sphere Rides, Cable, Hanging out with Logan, Wakeboarding

Activity you were best at: Boat, Paddle Boarding, Wakeboarding, Swimming, Cable, Skateboarding, Eating

Funniest thing that happened: Max falling off the dock, the Crawfish, Jordan breaking Gabriel’s skate board, Paddle Board Wipe Outs, Skateboarding, Kennedy putting sunscreen on the crawfish, Lindsey’s Wipe Outs, Logan, Tarzan Fanning the A-Frame, Making Smores, Food Fight, Lindsey’s Terminator

Be the Change You Wish To See in The World, starting at TSR: Seven of you said NOTHING, Shorter Lunch, No Paddle Boarding, More Relaxed, Eating Too Much, More Obstacles on the Cable

Favorite GRUB: Mini Corn Dogs, EVERYTHING, Hot Dogs, Chilli Dogs, Dippin Dots, Nachos, Wahoo’s Tacos, “Jason is an AWESOME chef,” Pancakes, Biscuits

Two favorite TSR employees: Max and Logan tied for favorite counselor this week, following closely was Jed, Michelle, Kaillyee, Logan, Lindsey, Jordan, Jason, and Josh there were also a few honorable mentions: Callie, Cody and Emmitt

Things all want to learn next year: to get all the way around the lake, how to grind, a shuv it on a wakeskate, transfer box, more skate tricks, air tricks, goofy foot, how to rock climb, master the big cable, to get past the buoys, 360’s


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