The DL on Day One

It has been a truly Splendiferous day at camp TSR! Myrtle is working on a 360 on the fun box, and plans to take it to the kicker as soon as he stomps it! He’s also working on his infamous backroll. Kyle threw a massive tantrum and almost landed it! He has also been shredding the cable lakes to pieces, throwing gnarly grabs off both kickers. Will finally got the courage to conquer the fun box and landed it once. He is currently working on stomping it every time. Josh unfortunately injured his toe this morning, but still managed to ride a little. He plans to shred nonstop tomorrow.

Keithen had a glamorous day, as he learned to stand on a skateboard for the first time! He also put in some solid hours pounding away at the little bro. Braiden shredded the little bro, making it all the way to the end on his first try!

Team Ewok consists of Skywalker (Luke), Ace (James), Beau, and Bella. Skywalker is already destroying the cable lake, taking laps and planning on slaying the mighty fun box on the morrow. Behind the boat he is carving in and out of the wake, and off the water he is scaling the rock wall and even dropping in on the quarter pipes! Ace has made the skatepark his home base, learning every ramp on the whole park! He is also riding a wakeboard for the first time, surviving the perilous journey all the way down and back the little bro. He hopes to slay the main cable soon! Beau learned to wake board for the first time as well, learning behind both the cable and the boat today! He is also training in the ancient art of skateboarding, and plans to challenge Ace to a duel very soon. Bella is learning very quickly, and can now shred to the end of the little bro. She is going to practice her moves on the little bro, and transfer her skills to the boat on Wednesday!

The GlitterCorns have had a stellar day at TSR. Hannah is the only girl overnight camper but she definitely represents the females well! She worked on her jumps behind the boat, and then tore it up on the cable, making it around the lake for the first time ever! Robert AKA Tiny AKA Manchild is a natural born shredder! He tried some 180’s behind the boat and then attempted nose presses off the dock, but has not yet mastered them. He will be a seasoned veteran by the end of the week! Noah drove 26 hours, straight through the wilderness to arrive at the mighty oasis known as TSR. He attempted his first wake-to-wake 180 and came SOOOO close to landing it. He has been attempting super floaty tantrums off the kicker and plans on stomping one by the end of the week. Roberta woke up this morning in the foreign nation of Mexico with a fire in her that could only be doused by the cooling water of the TSR cable lake. She also tore up lake dunlap, shredding behind the boat! She stomped some wake-to-wake jumps behind the boat, and spent the rest of the day on the cable lake. Her goal this week is to slay the mighty fun box! GO ROBBY!

Rafa got on the little bro today, dominated it twice and immediately took off to shred the main cable! He got up first try, but caught a gnarly edge soon after. Despite his crash, Rafa got right back up and continued riding, making it all the way to the first buoy’s. Emilio and Ramon both learned to ride the little bro, and after a bit of practice they had no trouble riding from one end to the other. Emiliano dominated the Little Bro once, just to show it who was boss, and immediately moved to the main cable. He even landed the fun box on his very first try!  Alfredo followed Emiliano’s lead, destroying the little bro once, and graduating to the main cable. He also attempted to slay the fun box, but it held him off any way it could. Throwing him into the water viciously. He plans to get the best of it tomorrow morning.

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