Week 4 at a Glance!

Day 2

It has been a magical day at camp TSR! Myrtle managed a 180 onto the box, followed by another 180 off! He is going to do a nose press off the dock tomorrow and finally land it. Will was our marathon man behind the boat, taking the longest turn riding! He made it all the way from one end of lake Dunlap to the other! Kyle threw down all day, trying flips off the kicker over and over, and stomped his 180’s and 360’s off the fun box!

The Ewoks had a great day too! Bella was the first to ride behind the boat and tore it up. She also honed her skateboarding and cable wakeboarding skills. Ace(James) spent the day wakeboarding and skating and even learned to paddle board and had a splendid time swimming! Beau is working towards slaying the cable dock, as well as getting more air behind the boat. Skywalker (Luke) is jumping behind the boat, and plans on doing battle with the ever-intimidating fun box tomorrow. He also mastered the wakesurf! Beau and Skywalker have both continued mastering the ancient art of skateboarding as well!

Rafa started the day on the little bro, but quickly advanced to the mighty main cable in hopes of dominating it for the rest of the day. The evil first corner got the best of him today, but he hopes to slay it tomorrow! Emilio shredded the little bro and practiced his carving, and even almost caught some super elusive minnows! Ramon teamed up with Emilio on the little bro to master his carving as well. As a single honed battle unit, the two were able to capture a minnow! Emiliano and Alfredo both rode the main cable ALL day, practicing their perfect fun box slides! As evening approached the two set their sights on the incline rail, but have not yet managed to land it! During lunch we had a super intense soccer game, during which they all made fun of the U.S.A Soccer team! After lunch we also played on the paddle boards.

The Hawks had an AWESOME day! Keithan had a super exciting day, attacking every activity he did with overwhelming amounts of enthusiasm. Aside from resiliently chipping away on the wakeboard, he had a blast chasing ducks and skateboarding! Braiden had an equally Supertastic day, as he is gearing up for the big cable tomorrow. He also shredded the skatepark and practiced his moves behind the boat!

The GlitterCorns…yes that is a genius mashup of glitter and unicorns…. had a magnificent day! Noah spent the morning soaring off the booter, determined to land a scarecrow, and after lunch his hard work paid off! He successfully landed two scarecrow’s! Let’s hope to see it in the Showdown on Thursday! Roberta showcased her skills with a soccer ball at lunch, but has proven to be awesome at everything she sets her mind to! She tore it up on the cable lake, and has pinky promised Max that she will attempt the fun box on her first set tomorrow! Hannah is truly a daredevil – It Didn’t take much to get her to try some obstacles on the cable lake! She hit the fun box and was SOOOO close to riding away from it. She will most certainly have it by the end of the week. Robert (Tiny)..(Manchild) charges the cable with all his might, landing a 360 on the fun box, a 180 on the incline rail, and even a backroll off the kicker!

Day 3

Day three wrapped up nicely as the Glitter Corns’ Tiny, (Robert) shredded the boat wakes and landed a HUGE backroll off of the kicker on the cable! Robi (Roberta) has mustered the courage to shred the funbox obstacle and is SO CLOSE to landing the whole length of it! Look for success tomorrow! Hannah is now cruising effortlessly around the big cable and is moving onto the funbox! Noah has the most ambition and is attempting 360’s off of the kicker and a scarecrow (Front roll 180) off of the booter! Only a small suggestion of a trick will take the determined Noah out to try it.

It was yet another beautiful day for the Ewoks as Bella is learning smooth curves from toeside to backside on her board and is running over every one of the ramps on the skate park! Ace (James) rode all the way around the big cable on his first try today!! Soon he will hit the funbox. Beau learned to ride on the main cable as well and is working on a smooth first turn so that he will conquer the rest soon! Skywalker (Luke) learned to drop in on some new ramps today in the skatepark and continues to ride laps around the big cable. We had a newcomer today, Lauren, who learned to ride the big cable! All of the Ewoks enjoyed rock climbing, snacks and swimming and are the most pumped about a newly introduced sport called paddleboarding!

The Billy Goats crew had a sweet day! All were learning new tricks this and shredded the paddleboards throughout the afternoon! Myrtle has his run planned out for the competition and plans to stomp all his tricks. Will is wrecking the wakeskate nowadays and loves the new challenge!

Team Futbal! Alfredo is learning to shred the incline rail like a champ and has even learned how to do it without Emiliano being in the water haha (camper joke, no worries) Emiliano is right there behind Alfredo getting his style down on the incline rail. Emilio is now a graduate of the Little Bro cable and is making it to the first bouys at the end of the lake! Similarily, Ramon is right there with Emilio and riding effortlessly the first stretch to the bouys. This afternoon we hit the boat and Emiliano and Alfredo learned how to wakeskate! Ramon, Emilio and Rafa all are successful boat riders and are carving in and out of the wake! In between rides, we swam in the lake and all enjoyed splashing their counselor! Also, Rafa is a champion at King of the hill on the LF Floaty!

Hawk Keithen had a monster day today! He traversed the entire Little Bro cable and truly showed his shredder colors! Hawk Braiden put in a solid effort all day today learning the Ollie and even attempted the Big Cable! Hawk Chase rocked his wakeboard today shredding on the Little Bro. He also enjoyed the skating, swimming, rock climbing, ping pong, foosball, pool, and finding large lake rocks! These guys are becoming great water sport friends!

What a day, what a day at CampTSR!

Day 4

All of our groups prepared for the competition tonight and few entered to display their newly learned skills! The competition experience for campers is great to learn how to compete among the likes of World’s greatest, Tom Fooshee! Many received a smile, high five or autograph for Tom. Merkle rode like a true champ and showed the beginner division what was up! We are staying up late tonight and enjoying a great game of BINGO in Wahoo’s for sweet prizes like Volcom Bags and Spy shades! Then we wakeboard until the lights go out at midnight! Can’t wait to see you parents tomorrow at closing at 11!

G’ Night from TSR!

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