Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Campers!

… and welcome WEEK 5 CAMPERS! This week is short in terms of days but is going to be jam packed with crazy fun!  This is one of our favorite weeks of camp with a little rippers tearing it up!

Introducing “The AllStars!” Jacob came eager to ride the Lil Bro and get his Wakeboarding skills dialed in! He conquered the Little Bro in no time and on his first day, and even attempted THE FUNBOX IN THE BIG CABLE! Not only is he riding the big cable but hitting obstacles! Austin is our baseball player who is playing all-stars in Oak Hill this summer. He is out trying wakeboarding in his off-time and is ripping it up on both the cable and the skatepark! Cole is turning on the little bro and nailing his starts off the dock! He will be shredding the big bro in no time!

The next group, Sam and Adam. These two shredders have never wakeboarded or skateboarded before! This group is called the de-terminators because they are already out shredding not only the little bro cable but the skatepark ramps! These guys were born to ride!

Along with the Little Rippers, TSR also welcomed are TWO WEEK campers with open arms!  We are ecstatic to welcome back so many familiar faces! After moving into the bunk house, the boys hit the cable to warm up and jumped out on the boat for the afternoon! Garrett is already up and going on a wakeskate and Michael came inches from riding away from a newly learned backroll! Landon is already carving in and out of the wakes as though he was born for riding!

Our other overnighters group is called “Muy Picoso” or “Very Spicy”???? Logan has been Killing it already today! He threw a huge tantrum (not the whiny kind, the flippy kind) behind the boat and is hitting most of the obstacles! Hopefully he will be landing some sweet air tricks by the end of the week….he tried one on the first day! Sam is out there giving it his all with some sweet obstacle attempts, you know, the usual huge kicker, rails and boxes…no big deal on the first day (AWESOME!) Andreas has been shredding TSR waters for years and is styling his airs out right now with frontside 180’s and textbook grabs.

All-in-all a great day finished off with some tacos from Wahoo’s and a friendly soccer match under the lights.

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