Session 6 Ready to Ride

Camp TSR

Camp TSR

We started this week off right with 23 energetic, athletic and and eager to learn campers!  In teams of four they roam the property and are on a mission to shred the very waters before them (with a little SUP, skateboarding and rock climbing too)!

Camp TSR

Wakeboarding at Camp TSR

Team Waffle Stompers consists of Blake, Jackson, Toby, Hailey and Taylor! Blake is obstacle hungry this week, especially for his first day! He has hit almost everything placed in his path on our main cable system! His goals are a raley, grabs and a 180. Toby learned how to clear the entire wake behind the boat today and is riding over the box in the cable lake. He will be learning the kickers tomorrow! Hailey is also shredding her wake jumps as she attempted to get from wake-to-wake! She is also hitting both boxes and has her eyes on the kickers! Taylor was successful at getting up behind the boat for the first time ever! She also completed two full laps on the big cable! Jackson is the dare devil of the group this week…he charged the wakes behind the boat to ensure the highest air possible and on his first run on the cable lake today, he is hitting the box!
Campers with Pro Wakeskater Brett Little

Campers with Pro Wakeskater Brett Little

“The Little Ones,” Eduardo, Gabe, Patricio, Porter, Landon and Finn are off to a great start, learning quickly how to wake and skateboard. Eduardo showed everyone a thing or two with his jumping skills on the cable lake and is slayshing back and forth behind the boat on Lake McQueeney. Patricio dominated the lil bro cable and the boat and is working on his carving to meet his goal of the week, to ride the big cable! Porter and Finn are also riding on the cable system like little pros and are ready to begin their carving training to ready themselves for the main cable system. Landon is shredding in and out of the wake behind the boat with his skills pouring over in excess from last week! Gabriel is riding the main cable with intentions of hitting the small box this week for the Showdown competition on Thursday. These boys loved wakeboarding all day and even got to test their skills on the many skate ramps at TSR.
Slack Line at Camp TSR

Slack Line at Camp TSR

The Chain Gang (they chose the name) Today the entire group of Tanner, Michael, Dalton, Blake, and Andres signed up for the Thursday night showdown competition! These guys are here for riding, and can’t wait for a little friendly competition! Tanner received his nickname today, prisoner because of a shirt he was wearing! Michael landed his first ever blind judge (killer air trick) and is pumped!! Dalton and Blake both hit and conquered the funbox after some TSR R&R! Kohl hit and landed the box for the first time ever, and Andres and prisoner both landed their first ever rail attempts!
Pool at Camp TSR

Pool at Camp TSR

Team Shreds had a beastly day! Hunter is riding a wakeskate and plans on conquering the whole of the main cable tomorrow. Rusty learned a jump start on the little bro cable and hopes to make it around the main cable tomorrow! Garrett took a bit of a rest today to make sure his swimmer’s ear will settle down a bit. He didn’t mind chilling and talking wakeboarding with everyone in TSR! He doesn’t plan on letting his ear slow him don a bit tomorrow! Thomas ripped the skatepark to shreds on his BMX, gapping some of the boxes as though it was nothing! Connor spent the day mastering his carving skills on the little bro, throwing as much water to the side of his board as possible! Tomorrow he plans on shredding the main cable!
We wrapped up the day with a very heated game of soccer and ICE CREAM SANDWICHES FOR SNACK! WOO!

6 thoughts on “Session 6 Ready to Ride

  1. Is Thomas skiing at all? Is his ears bothering him? Glad to hear about Toby! I’ll be checking the blogs for more exciting news. Will they be in the Thursday night show? we plan to be there to root them on.

    • Hi Heather! Thomas has been wakeboarding today, as of right now he is still trying to get past the first set of buoys on the cable lake but is convinced he will be able to tonight. Right now he is rock climbing. Toby is already signed up for the Showdown Thursday Night but Thomas does not think he will be competing. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. I hope the tooth fairy can wait until Friday since I would very much like to see Patricio’s first tooth loss. Either way, I am very happy for him and hope he can reach his goal of going to the big cable soon. For Eduardo, I hope he keeps up the good work and enjoys wakeboarding for the rest of the week as I have seen him do so on other occasions.
    Dad and I love you guys! Keep having fun and we will see you soon!

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