Waffle Stomping

Rock Climb Camp TSR!

Rock Climb Camp TSR!

Day TWO of Camp TSR was the bomb.com, especially when it comes to team Waffle Stompers! Hayley tried the kicker and booter today!  She is seriously soooo close to landing it!  Toby mustered up the courage to  give the iceberg a try, and attempted hitting it goofy footed which is extra tricky.  He stuck that and the kicker with mad style!  Taylor is shredding it up too, and even decided to try the funbox, landing it on her second try.  Blake is tearing it up on the cable!  Two days ago he couldn’t even get around the lake and now he is hitting the funbox, big box, iceberg, incline rail and BOOTER!  On top of that he has learned two new grabs and landed a 180 of the booter!

The Little Ones are also rockin’ TSR!  Today they all played on the Stand Up Paddle Boards and

Wakeboarding at Camp TSR

Wakeboarding at Camp TSR

spent the afternoon swimming.  They even tried to see how many people could fit on the board before it tipped over. Finn and Porter are working on their starts on the Little Bro and are getting very close to sticking them.  Eduardo and Patricio are tearing up the Little Bro and Eduardo hope to ride all the way around the main cable soon!  Landon got around the first set of buoys on the main cable and has his eyes set on the second set!

Fooseball at Camp TSR

Fooseball at Camp TSR

The Chain Gang headed up the boat time today with some lots of carving and face plants.  Michall had the best one!  Prisoner and Blake can now do 180’s off the funbox and Dalton stuck the kicker! Andreas is so much fun to watch, we got him to clean up his nose presses and now he has so much style!

Max’s Minions, formally known as the Shreds, also had a stellar day.

Rock Climb at Camp TSR

Rock Climb at Camp TSR

Thomas took some crazy face plants, but improved his carving behind the boat and cable!  Hunter learned the incline rail, funbox, and booter!  He plans on stomping the iceberg and kicker tomorrow morning.  Connor continued to work on both his toe side and heelside carving on the little bro!  He plans on working on making it around the main cable this evening.  Garrett attempted wakeskating behind the boat and hopes to master it by the end of Thursday.  Kohl took some sweet crashes while attempting the kicker, and remains determined to stomp it as soon as possible.

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