The Final Showdown

Campers representing in the TSR Showdown

Campers representing in the TSR Showdown

Max’s Minions had a fantastic day! Connor fearlessly attempted the first corner over and over, taking a few hard crashes, but going 110% the entire time determined to make it! Garrett spent the day working on his pool and ping pong skills! Thomas finally conquered his fear of the first corner and can now ride circles around the lake like a seasoned pro! Hunter and Kohl both competed in our weekly cable competition, each one showcasing their newest moves. Every one of them plans on shredding the night session until midnight to cap off a great week!

Matching Shorts Camp TSR

Matching Shorts Camp TSR

The chain gang did awesome this week and today, Rusty is hitting the fun box! He also competed in the cable series competition on not only wakeboard but wake skiis too! Andres took second and Dalton took tenth in the comp out of 25 riders in the beginner division alone! Michael and Tanner also rode in the comp without a hint of nervousness. Blake had an amazing birthday riding and practicing his 180’s off of the kicker!

Camp TSR

Camp TSR

“The Little Ones” finished the week with some great kneeboarding, wakeskating and wakeboarding behind the boat. Porter learned to get up on a kneeboard on both the boat and cable! Eduardo practiced his wakeskating skills on the little bro and applied them with style behind the boat! Patricio learned to wakeskate  and had an awesome during his wakeboard session behind the boat! Finn improved his kneeboarding skills on the cable and Landon learned some new skateboarding skills!

Hailey of team Waffle Stompers competed in the comp today in
Camp TSR  both wakeboard and wakeskate! She surprised us all by hitting the funbox perfectly on a wakeskate only to have it come out from under her last minute! Blake can now do 180 grabs off of the booter and placed 5th out of 25 in the comp! That is amazing! Toby also planned an awesome run for the showdown! Other than wakeboarding Toby shredded the skate park today! Taylor has definitely become more comfortable and consistent in her wakeboarding this week! She can get around the lake and land the funbox obstacle every time!

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