Lucky Number SEVEN

Welcome parents, to the camp TSR, week 7 blogosphere! Let me intro you to your kids’ groups!


“TEAM DYNAMITE!” – Kendra Taylor Stranton (Slick) and Walker (Texas Ranger)

“Old Farts” (yes, they made this name up) – Trenton, Trey, Bryce D, and Jayden

“The Skaters!” – Kenny (They team up and tag along with…

“The Shredders! – Bryce M, Brandon, Ryan, Kyle, Phillip and Garrett

The Shredders had an awesome day! Bryce learned the transfer box and can stomp the incline rail and fun box every time! Brandon also dominated the fun box and is a seasoned pro wakesurfer! Phillip took on the water and dry land, learning how to ollie and pump up and down the half-pipe on his skateboard and how to wakeboard behind the boat! Ryan stomped the fun box and kicker after minimal tries! Kyle took the longest boat set showcasing all of his sweet grabs! Garrett worked on his wakeskating most of the day, only slowing down for a surf session!

Kenny in THE SKATERS! had an awesome first day! He learned how to wakeboard on the little bro and behind the boat!

Trenton did an awesome job today hitting the funbox like a pro and learned to wakeskate on the little bro! Trey was the boat king trying a backroll and eating it…but he is determined to land it by the end of the week! Bryce D is working on his confidence with the funbox as it has threatened him each time he slides across it! He is determined to land it tonight! Jayden almost cleared the wake behind the boat and shredded across the fun box on his wakeskate! Not bad for the geezers of camp eh?

Team Dynamite started the morning on the boat where they learned to get up and carve on their edges. They then hit the skatepark to learn new tricks, and finally headed to the cable!  Kendra rode the little bro back and forth in full passes! She is determined to dominate the main cable tomorrow! Taylor is practicing hitting the box and will hit the incline rail after dinner! Walker has been working on his wakeskating skills and Stranton will hit the incline rail for the first time tonight too!

The day wrapped up with soccer and popsicles!

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