Going Strong

Camp TSRThe Shredders had an awesome day riding behind the boat and on the cable lake! Ryan learned a tailgrab off of the booter while Phillip mastered his faceplant (on purpose for use in the camp video). Even though the rain came down Camp TSRwe climbed, ping ponged and pooled our way through it for the 30 minutes it set us back. Then we went right back out!

Team Skateboarders! Kenny had an awesome day on the boat and learned some ollies on the Little Bro! He even beat his counselor in the ping-pong match of the century!Camp TSR

It was another great day for team Dynamite! Walker is still jumping freely wake to wake and is thinking about learning an air 180. He also plans to land the incline rail tonight! Stratton has already learned to ride the funbox, incline rail and the transfer box. He is going to jump wake to wake soon! Taylor hit the incline rail and landed it first try! Kendra learned how to bench start and is working on her turns to move to the main cable.Camp TSR

Team Old Farts threw down this evening! Bryce was a game master today, winning at Ping Pong and Jungle (which is a pool table top game). Jayden landed the fun box and almost jumped the wake! Trenton went off the transfer box and shredded the incline rail! He plans to hit the kicker by the end of the day. Trey is crazy good and comfortable on his board and finally landed his 360 over the box!

Day two was an action packed day, so we are going to take it easy this evening with laid back games and plans to get some great sleep!


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