Structures OnlY!

Camp TSRTeam Shredders had an action packed day full of fun! The highlight of the day was the amazing surf set behind the X35 out on Canyon Lake! Garrett Phillip Brandon and Kyle are rookie surfers and were working very hard to master this board like their wakeboards! Ryan and Bryce M competed in the Structures Only Competition against a ton of TSR local riders and represented camp like champs.

The Skateboarders started off the day with the early morning surf session on Canyon Lake! Kenny then took it to the concrete and tore up the skatepark on his ripstick.  In need of a cool down, he spent the rest of the day showcasing his turns and ollies on the little bro with comfort and confidence!   Camp TSR

Dynamite finished the week off with a bang as they headed out to Canyon to surf! Stratton and Walker improved their skills out there and Kendra and Taylor learned how to do it for the first time! Kendra even got to ride on the same board with Cameron, the boat driver! They also hit the skate park with skateboards, longboards, and in line skates!  Stratton and Walker both competed in the showdown competition and threw their best tricks! Stratton placed 5th and Walker took home 4th!

Camp TSR Jayden did great in the wakeskate portion of the showdown as he faced off with a pro! Camp cheered him on and is very proud! Trey competed in the amateur wakeboard comp and came in first in his heat and 5th overall! Trenton had the drive and determination of a lineman at the end of a game! He gritted his teeth, hustled back to the doc and competed with what we call….heart, love to see that! Bryce got up surfing with a grin a mile wide today! He was having a blast with the group!


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