Magic Eight

Camp TSRWelcome Session EIGHT!!! With a day under our belts we can already tell this is going to be a fantastic week full of fun and wakeboarding!

Michelle’s eclectic group of young shredders took to the waters on the cable this morning followed by an afternoon out on the Texas Ski Ranch Camp MasterCraft X2! During ride time today and yesterday, Megan advanced from only riding on the little bro cable, to dock starting on the little bro cable, to going all the way around the big cable, all the way TO HITTING THE FUNBOX! Jacob, Gavin and George are first-timers so we welcomed them into the family by getting them comfortable with their equipment. It must’ve worked because they ALL are now riding the Little bro cable and successful riders behind the boat as well! Not bad for an 8 hour day, eh?! Aden is rocking out with a kneeboard on the Little Bro and we hope to convince him that wakeboarding is tremendously more fun, but hey, who can argue the amount of fun one has while on the water right? JosAAAY, JosAY, JosAY, JosAY…..JOsay, JOsay. (to be tuned to the soccer anthem “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole…Ole, Ole) is riding the Little Bro with intentions of hitting the big cable tomorrow! He also showed his awesome skills in and out of the wake behind the boat! Camp TSR

Lindsey’s group of roker-outers is an array of characters that are gelin’ well together within the realm of wakeboarding. Isn’t it cool how such different kids can be brought together under one love? Jerry, an amazingly interesting and spunky kid, can already hit the fun box on the main cable, and plans on hitting the kicker tonight…Oh Yeah, yesterday was his first day to ride a wakeboard!! Roy’s a boat rider, but after being introduced to the cable, looks like a pro! Roy and Mark have hit it off and are pushing each other to progress into more advanced moves called air tricks which are off the water! Alec is already shredding the funbox up and is working up the bravery to launch off of the kicker! Zane is being coached to begin hitting some obstacles as he has mastered the turns and flow of the big cable.

Let the progression begin! Thanks parents. We are in for a great week!!

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