Fun in the Sun

Camp TSRAlec has become somewhat of a daredevil today by launching himself off of the big kicker ramp….and LANDING IT 4 TIMES!! Zane has been rocking out over on the big cables and working on perfecting the dock start. For a first time wakeboarder, Jerry is doing amazing! He’s not afraid to hit any obstacle and will stick with it until he has conquered it. Mark annihilated his wakeboard yesterday on the C-rail and is now riding a sweet 2011 Watson hybrid (the indestructible board! THANKS MOM!) He seems to love it because he literally will not stop riding! Roy was working on some air tricks and tweaked his knee a little bit and to recuperate, we told him he must beat everyone at TSR in ping pong and pool…It’s working so far!

Camp TSRJose Miguel shredded the boat, moved to the main cable and is riding down to the first buoys! NOT BAD! Meagan learned how to pop off of the top of the wake behind the boat and is now consistently making two full laps around the cable! Gavin and George both made it to the first set of buoys and are planning on making it all the way around by tomorrow night! Jacob learned how to wakeskate on the little bro and carve in and out of the wake behind the boat! Aden is shredding harder than ever on the kneeboard, is learning how to carpet board on the wheel-less skateboard and climbed halfway up the rockwall today! Not bad!

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