Preping for the Wake Games!

Wednesday was hot, the temperature and the style of riding!  These riders are progressing so fast, many in preparation for Thursday Night’s Wake Games! Camp TSR

Alec was able to land the kicker every time he hit it, and now has his eyes on the incline rail! Zane wakeskated on the little bro and is looking so comfortable out there! Jerry is an all around fun guy, making friends with everyone in line and being a dare devil by hitting everything in his path! Roy “Guti” took it easy on his knee today, choosing to hang out with the TSR crew and meet the pros like Tom Fooshee! Mark was Lindsey’s riding buddy and has been on the cable ALL week long!  He is super tough, but not a fan of the falls he takes learning air tricks. Who can blame him? They hurt! Camp TSR

Aden is out there ripping it up and played a lot of pool today and even learned a new game called jungle! Jacob tried the main cable for a bit and is improving his bard control skills by practicing on the wakeskate. Gavin can now ride to the first set of buoys and hit the funbox! George can also get to the first buoys and is learning how to carve the hardest edge, toe side! Jose Miguel or Jochi is doing laps around the cable and sliding across the box! Megan is looking great, riding around and around the lake and is thinking about a incline rail or box hit in the near future!

Camp TSRWe got some great video footage today and are piecing it together so you can see the blast we are having!

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