Cable Games @ TSR!

Camp TSROur last day of the week was PACKED with awesome adventure! After an exciting game of Extreme Disc Golf last night they crashed hard knowing that Thursday is the day we wakeboard until midnight!

Today, Zane hooked up with our cable coach Sam and attempted the impossible out on the cable! They successfully ran three laps riding DOUBLES on a wakesurf board! Jerry, the daredevil, stomped the incline rail! Alec has been boosting off of the kicker and has nailed a steezy 180 degree spin off! It looks pretty sweet! Mark has been working on launching himself higher and higher off of the kickers to ensure that he is flying properly before he rolls …So today on top of doing his raley (superman trick) he pulled his legs in and grabbed the board performing a “BAT WING!” Camp TSR

After a sweet attempt to booty slide yesterday, Jose Miguel came out with confidence and took to the funbox! He slid all the way across, jumped off the end, and RODE AWAY TALL! It was sweet! Gabriel, a new day camper competed on his dad’s team in the infamous cable games competition and did an awesome job (he is 5)! Aden tore up the skate park for the camera on a BMX bike and continued parting the waters of the Little Bro cable! Jacob is also shredding a kneeboard hard on the big cable and after watching Ronnie Baker try a 540 off a kicker, decided he wanted to hit the jump as well! Gavin is shredding the big cable better than ever and is ramping and sliding across the funbox, too! Megan is now riding down ramps on her skateboard, can drop into a few of them and is doing endless laps around the cable! George went out today and hit the funbox for the first time ever!

Camp TSRYou would think after a week of shredding, running, laughing and being goofy, these kids would slow down a bit! WRONG! We love the energy out here at TSR and so appreciative of the kids who come out. Parents, see you tomorrow at 930 for show offs or at 1100 for the awards! Campers may ride FOR FREE all day tomorrow after camp is over!

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