Shreddin’ the Line on Session 9

Camp TSRHowdy parents! Welcome to the greatest wakeboarding and action sports on the internet! Do you know why? It is about the awesome time your kids are having here at TSR!  

Reese and John are new to wakeboarding and are already showing so much potential!  Today they were successful at riding both disciplines of the cable system and behind the 350 horse Mastercraft boat! Reese (Reeses Cup, Reeses Puff, Reeses Pieces) is going in and out of the wakes and has decided to attempt the big cable soon! John (Johnny Rocket) is working on his carving on the Little Bro and behind the boat and is looking great! Daniel (Danny Boy) showed off all of his skills on the Little Bro and will be
Camp TSR dominating the big cable tonight! Connor (Cookie) learned how to wakeskate both on the cable and the boat and is working on a backside SHUVIT! (Board rotation of 180 degrees, looks pretty sweet!)

Tonight we will enjoy some private mini ramp sessions in the back, a great snack and BED!

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