wakeboard wakeboard wakeboard!

Camp TSRIt was another great day for us at CampTSR! DannyBoy started his day off  strong by cutting hard on each of his edges behind the boat, working on getting in and out of the wake! In the afternoon he tore up the skate park on his bike and tried to ride out on the main cable! Cookie is super close to landing his SHUVIT’s and learned to drop in on new ramps in the skatepark this afternoon! Reeses Cup tried out a new board that he decided he felt much more comfortable riding, and is now working on the first set of buoys on the cable lake! Oh ya, he also insisted that he show us a super awesome skill of apple smashing…ON HIS FOREHEAD!Camp TSR Johnny Rocket learned to carve behind the boat and is actually working on the main cable now! Kyle learned to ride switch and is going to learn a frontside 180 on the box this evening. Its good having him back! Ivy practiced going in and out of the wake and wakeskated on the Little Bro. Gabe carved in and out of the wake, shredded on his scooter and also wakeskated the Little Bro. We had an awesome day and are again, you guessed it, TIRRRED! A good day warrants a great night of rest.

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