Last Day of ACTION

Camp TSRCampTSR wrapped up the week with a great day of riding! Cookie has landed three shuv its and practiced boosting his ollies higher and higher on his wakeboard! Crash (Kyle) learned how to ride switch more proficiently and has gotten halfway up the rooftop rail! He also landed two textbook roll to reverts! Reese practiced his wakeskate ollies and is looking really stylish, he also unleashed his outdoors abilities and caught 10 minnows! Danny Boy learned to ride his bike down some new ramps and found that the best hiding spot in hide and go seek is….CAN’T TELL YOU OR IT WONT BE THE BEST! But he was never found in that spot! Camp TSR Johnny Rocket can butter slide and is working on the MAIN CABLE! Not bad for a 6 year old! Gabe learned how to inline skate in skates 8 sizes too big and went down a few gnarly ramps! Poison (Ivy) wake skated today and even bodyboarded on the little bro!

Overall a GREAT week of fun, laughing, riding, learning and making great friends! Thanks parents for yuor hard work and allowing for the kids to come again and again!

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