The Beginning of the End

What’s up parents?! Just want to extend a great big welcome from TSR to the Week 10 blog for your viewing pleasure! First and foremost, let me introduce you to the groups! Camp TSR

Team “Triple K” – Kable King Kru led by Andrew

Blake, Aiden, Rodrigo, Alec, Christian

Team Triple K had an awesome day of shredding as these guys were super motivated to get out there and learn how to ride. Blake kicked off his second week of Camp TSR by learning a huge Tantrum (backflip) and can’t wait to learn more tricks. Aiden pulled out a very stylish “hang ten” on a wakeskate around the cable and hung every one of his toes off the nose of the board. Pretty sweet! Rodrigo did a floaty Indy grab 180 off the booter today! Alec is back and working on perfecting his 180 off the kicker. Christian is pulling some surface 180s on the water, which he plans to take to the box soon!

Team Triple Crowners – led by Lindsey

Ali, Anna, Anna B, Patrick, Nick, Isaac, Beau

Camp TSRThe Triple crowners is a huge group made up of some lifelong TSR campers! We are pumped to have hem returning and enjoying their time out on the water! Ali Banks tried a tantrum off the kicker today!! Anna B cut really hard and launched herself nearly wake to wake! Anna M was working on her edging and with a huge smile on her face, caught an edge and had the best crash of the day! She is one tough shredder and full of heart. Patrick came, saw, and conquered the big cable by riding all the way around it and was a great encourager to the other campers around him. Nick has mastered the dock start and is now working on making the first set of buoys. Isaac, like Pat, has conquered the big cable and is gearing up the incline rail and the funbox. Beau has picked up the wakeskate and is making laps and laps around the main cable! Camp TSR

The Foshizzles – Led by Kayllie

Sydney, Drew, Destiny

This team of girls is a force to be reckoned with! Sydney shredded all the way across the funbox and rode away tall! Drew is successfully shredding the Little Bro up and back! Destiny is now a successful boat and Little Bro Wakeboarder!

Team Slayshers – led by Michelle

Aden, Josh, Kaleb

These Little guys are hungry with big appetites for fun, sun and shredding! Aden Wakeskated with Jesse behind the boat and got his confidence built up to shred the Little Bro cable for the rest of the day! I see him being a future Bret Little! Josh, a natural boarder whose choice weapon is a skateboard, strapped up and wakeboarded not only behind the boat, but also all the way around the big cable. Kaleb learned to wakeboard and can get all the way around to the end of the Little bro cable!

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