360’s, Tantrums, Ollies and More!

Camp TSRWe can’t believe Day 2 is over already! Tuesday was jam packed with sweet adventures, highlights and laughs that are about to come your way. I have no idea what has plagued the many kids of Camp TSR but the infectious, contagious, unstoppable, addicting spread of laughter has filled the air…Jokes, riddles, pranks, stories, and goofiness aside, it still permeates everything. So awesome. Camp TSR

Team Triple K has Rodrigo perfecting and attempting a huge tantrum off of the kickers! He is very close! Aiden is rocking the loaded ollie with the handle at his hip. He is getting the motions down for a toeside air trick! Alec busted some sweet 180’s off of the kicker, becoming his go-to and signature move! Christian has become the sting pong champion of the world today, not only because of his feared stings…but also because of the many stings he takes and continues to play! Alex busted out a wakeskate for the first time today behind the boat and was killin it! Blake is now throwing grabs in with his Camp TSRtantrums and working on styling them out!

The Slayshers started strong with Aden coming out this morning motivated and ready to ride his wakeskate. He rode behind the boat with Jesse again and is now ollieing on the cable system. Gabe got a chance to get out and wakeskate with Jesse too! He is also learning wake jumps behind the boat. Kaleb is successfully shredding the waters of the Little Bro all the way up and back on a wakeboard!

Sydney attempted the incline rail and wake to wake jumps behind the boat and is close! Another day of practicing will do some benefit to her confidence and lead to success! Drew learned how to turn on her edges on the little bro and worked on carving to prep for the big cable! Destiny made it to the top on the rock wall today and wakeboarded with style on the Little Bro!

The Triple CCCrrroooowwwnnnnneeeerrrrsss had a sweet day with Ali knocking down a huge 360Camp TSR spin off of the kicker!! Anna also threw a three across the fun box! Anna B rode a slalom water ski all the way around the cable (which runs at 19 mph….) actually a very difficult feat! Beau busted out a shuv it on the wakeskate and is pumped to land it over and over! Patrick hit the fun box today! Isaac is working on his wake style with flashy dock starts in the bag! He jumps off of the bench, pulls the handle to his hip and rides away like the big dogs now! Nick is making it around the cable more confidently and is to the fourth buoy of his quest to the 5th!

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