Fired up!

Camp TSRThe Slayshers were fired up this morning and ready to learn some new tricks on the cable and behind the boat! Aden learned to scooter down several new and increasingly larger ramps at the skatepark, and is becoming quite the accomplished “sting pong”/pool shark. Kaleb learned to longboard and was introduced to the laid back form of skating! He also climbed 3/4 of the rockwall in his summit attempts this afternoon! Gabe learned to ride a bike down some new ramps and had a great time scootering and longboarding. Camp TSR

The Triple Crowners are learning some awesome style and skills out on the cable and Ali is preparing for her competition run tomorrow night! Ali tried a 540 off the kicker and came SO close to sticking it! She is learning very quickly. Anna B busted out the slalom ski behind the boat and carved that thing for all it was worth! Beau attempted a front roll to face plant tumble turn today behind the boat and had everyone cracking up with his antics. Class clown award fo sho! Anna M is an inch from completing the handle pass 360 over the box. Isaac shredded dry land today on the balance trainer known as an Indo Board! Patrick launched himself off of the top of the wake behind the boat today and almost cleared the wake! Nick got up behind the boat and rode like a Camp TSRchamp!

Triple K unleashed Aiden into the wakeskate world on the big cable today, he really turned heads with his amazing surface spins, one after another. He also successfully got an Indy-grab wake to wake behind the boat! Christian got back on a wakeboard today and kept working on his control skills and riding abilities. Alex worked on wakeskating and gaining the much needed control while going strapless. Rodrigo took a riding test by trying out a wakesurf board today for the first time! Catching the force of the wave behind his board he was able to ride without a rope! Blake worked on making his tantrum HUGE andCamp TSR
also rocked the wake surf board. Alec worked on his frontside 180, his toeside slayshing and also got out on the wakesurf board.

The girlie Foshizzles are learning tricks and making cheers like no one could believe! Sydney now lands the fun box every time she hits it. Drew taught some serious ballet and hip hop moves today on the Wahoo’s upstairs stage. She is such a ham! Destiny took a little spill on the skate park but didn’t let that slow her down from riding the Little Bro and swimming like a little pool shark with her bud Aden.


Overall, A GREAT DAY!

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