A competitive spirit!

Camp TSRThursday was a little slower getting out of bed for our crew, but no worries, after a awesome kick-start breakfast from the camp cook they were ready to go!

The Slayshers! Kaleb tore the skatepark to shreds on his bike today! Those ramps didn’t know what hit them! Gabe, or padawon, taught the group his sensei skills as well as the game of NINJA! Cookie, a return camper for a few days, came back and busted out his wakeskating skills and landed an ollie 180! Aden played some serious pool until it got “warm” enough to get in the water, when he busted out his wakeskate. The entire group got to experiment with a Slingshot kite today too. It is made for kiteboarding and the wind was prime for our kids to fly it! Camp TSR

Triple Crowners had a slew of competitors! Anna B competed in grom and Anna M competed in girls and landed her 360 across the box! Patrick is now hitting two obstacles! The funbox and the incline rail are in his bag of tricks! Ali busted out the sickest full pull across 100% of the Snake Rail! Hissssss! Isaac slammed the funbox with the grindbase of his board and conquered it! Nick made a full lap today and was so pumped, he decided to slide over the funbox just to celebrate! Beau is working on expanding his shuv it on a wakeskate to a 3 shuv and push that board around an extra 180 degrees. He also hit the kicker and launched himself into the low atmosphere, to return to us shortly thereafter safely!

Camp TSR

The Fooshizzles! Drew learned an ollie on the wakeboard in the Little Bro! Sydney worked on riding switch and Destiny rode the Little Bro and built some pretty sweet sand castles with Kayllie on the beach.

Triple K had an awesome day chilling, route planning and STING PONG! Competition on the tennis table boosted to epic proportions and the stings ran wild! No one is safe! Alec shredded with his usual style and Christian worked on his riding and carving! Alex pushed large amounts of water off of his board and splashed into the air! Rodrigo, has a newfound talent, the dude can SING! He’s been dancing and singing almost non-stopCamp TSR today! Blake was nervous but performed great on the ramps in competition tonight! Aiden found himself competing with the best of the best wakeskaters Brett Little and Aaron Reed tonight! He did great and, I must say, rode with true grit.

The campers loved seeing the highflying pro wakeboarders and enjoyed the competitive spirit of the evening! Soon though, the best part will happen, SMORES!

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