Campers Unite for the TSR Barefoot Challenge!

Calling all campers! One Day Without Shoes is only six days away and we want all of you to get teams together and represent CAMP TSR!!!

The Challenge: Five man relay where each member of your team will choose a leg: wake and run, long board, rock climb, bounce and swim

Why: TSR has thrown its own twist on TOMS One Day Without Shoes, and for the second year in a row we are challenging all of you to come out and take part in the TSR Barefoot Challenge.

Prizes: Gift Cards to the Board Shop, Spring Loaded, Wahoo’s Fish Taco and the Cable Lake. Prizes go to the top three teams AND best dressed team

About ODWS:

What is it? One Day Without Shoes is  the day we raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by going without shoes.

Why? Millions of children live without shoes.  Many are exposed to injury and disease each day, and are not allowed to go to school without shoes.

How does it work? Just take ’em off, and when people ask why, tell them.  Go without shoes all day then head to TSR at 5:00 for the Barefoot Challenge.  Spreading awareness is easy and changes lives.  Join us in going without shoes so kids don’t have to!

Join the facebook event here.

TSR Barefoot Challenge

One Day Without Shoes at TSR

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