Camp preparations

Hey campers!

Your camp houses are looking good. There are ping-pong tables and pool tables for some excellent matches, there are HUGE speakers for your not-so-average music jam, there are as many TV’s as you have toes, posters of pro wakeboarders, skaters, and surfers on the walls, and the huge half-pipe is being fixed 10 steps from your front porch. The sand volleyball court is being outlined, the equipment shed is full, and the only thing missing from the houses….Y’ALL. Get excited because those awesome amenities will be yours in only a few short weeks! DVD’s range from Disney movies to action to drama to just plain funny. The fields are being mowed, the deck prepped up, and the sun is being re-hung in the sky to give you an amazing sunset view.

We’ll see you soon!

Your Friends at CAMP TSR

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