Meet Ryan Dance

Ryan just joined us from the far off land of Seattle, Washington. This new addition is a senior studying Recreation Management at Brigham Young University in Utah. Known for his smiles, never-ending energy, and positive attitude, Ryan can be seen running around TSR looking for more jobs to complete. Excited to be a camp counselor, Ryan’s experience in our area includes being a soccer camp director, a youth group leader, a 2nd grade soccer coach, and a 4H special needs mentor.

Ryan is an avid soccer player, plays the piano, and loves anything with sun, water, and waves. He has a fun family and loves them very much. Ryan loves to include everyone and has a knack for remembering names. Watch out for his jokes… they can be dry. You won’t be dry for too long around him because if you aren’t watching, he might “accidentally” push you in the lake!

Fun Facts:

Yes, he can dance. Anything, everything, and he even brought his tap shoes to TSR

He would never admit it but he is quite the poet and loves to write

He can sing and play the guitar, so ask him to make up a song on the spot!

He is also an Eagle Scout, Search and Rescue Certified, and can pop wheelies and 360’s in a wheelchair!

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