Summer is Here!

CAMP TSR IS IN SESSION! Sunday afternoon we officially opened our doors to first week of campers and we are so excited! The staff is pumped to see our favorite campers return and to welcome in some new rad guys and gals.  The first day’s report is in, and it looks like everyone is having fun and learning new tricks!

Fist up: BRIEN’S Crew! Tyler and Jake nailed a 720 wakeskating their first day! The cable operators and fellow campers are definitely impressed. Matthew made it all the way around the big cable, and we couldn’t be more excited … who knows what is in store for him. Maybe a fun box is in sight?! Ryan decided to switch things up a bit, ditch the wakeskate and take a skateboard up and down the little bro! He also amped things up on the main cable and hit the flat box! Will B hit the kicker and got some gnarly air and Will J got up behind the boat AND made it all the way around the cable.  They all beasted at dodgeball and got some big air going over the wake behind the boat!

Zack’s crew has also been shredding the gnar at TSR. Connor tried the fun box for the first time ever, hasn’t landed it yet but we know he will soon. Merrick loves the water but thinks the trampoline park was GREATTT (maybe a little Tuesday Night Throwdown in sight?). Mason is a champ and really seems to be getting used to the pull of the cable. Garret W. tried a huge 5 off the helium kicker! Garret C learned a front side 180. Cole has made it all the way around the big cable.  Last but certainly, not least, Tyler threw a H-U-G-E heel side tantrum and stuck it like a champ, I also caught him throwing few air tricks!!!!

Erika’s crew, the self titled Ninja Power Turtle Rangers, had a fantastic Monday. Zac proved to everyone that he’s the best at the skate park. Isaac had the best attitude all day long and loves pulling pranks on employees. Anna and Anna are camp TSR’s stand up comedians keeping everyone entertained throughout the day. Ali is tearing up the cable as usual, we can’t wait to see what she pulls off by the end of the week. Patrick shredded the cable on his brand spankin’ new board! Fernando proved that he has some serious perseverance, trying several new tricks throughout the day NEVER giving up! Erika decided she deserved an award for the best outfit of the day: polka-dot cover up and Kentucky derby hat.

Meet Kayllie’s group, the Flying Pegasuses (Pegasusi?): Clara (Flip), Sydney (Little Frosty), Maddy (Mad), Drew (Drewski), Kellan (Smiles). Flip learned how to skim the ramp on the skate park.  She made eight laps around the cable, her first time EVER and it was amazing! She then put her fellow campers to shame a with huge full at Spring Loaded and finished the day with a wake to wake attempt behind the boat. Little Frosty is Camp TSR’s ripsticker of the year.  She rode the main cable and cheered on her team – natural leader for sure! Then she bounced like crazy on the trampolines, and encouraged other campers to double bounce the counselor. On the boat she tried it all and never quit, even after some gnarly falls. Mad taught herself how to skateboard and longboard. Definitely claimed the title “Champ of the Little Bro” for the day. She showed all the boys what being a shred sister is about.  At Spring Loaded she bounced like crazy, apparently two hours isn’t enough because she didn’t want to leave.  On the boat she held a board slide longer than any of us have ever seen. She may be the youngest of the group, but she is definitely the most outgoing and positive! Drewski’s new found love for ripsticking was discovered this morning on the skate park. She also hit up the cable lake and made it all the way to tower four! At the trampoline park Drewski beat everyone in races down the tumbler trampolines including Kayllie! On the boat she owned the water and begged to go again. BTW- this girl loves to dance… EVERYWHERE! Smiles spent a lot of time with pro wakeskater Ryker learning how to skate, and he loved it so much he begged to skate the cabins for lunch and back. Next he tore up the little bro and then made his way to Spring Loaded where he found his skills in KICKBALL! Smiles played for two hours straight and didn’t want to leave. He got up on the boat with ease and took many laps around the boat lake. “How did you do it?” we asked. He said, “hold on for dear life!”  Flying Pegasus favorite moment of the day “blue and red faces after taking down slushies from wahoo’s!”

Last but not least we have the Mitch’s group the Little Rippers. Someone decided it would be a good idea to give them all chocolate chip cookies the first night so the crew went crazy into the wee hours of the morning.  Did this stop them from waking up early? NOPE. At 5AM they doused Mitch in Axe deodorant to get the day started right.  Alex skated around the lake for the highest record in ski ranch history (maybe) … 20 times! Gavin and Corbin shredded the little bro all day long. We had to pry their little fingers from the handles to get them to eat lunch and dinner. Gage got up on the Little Bro and behind the boat for the first time ever and he is pumped! George pulled off a 360 on the kneeboard, VERY impressive, and Reid made it around the big lake three times without falling!

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