Dodge Duck Dive Dodge!

The Tuesday Report is in and we have some exciting news! Campers spent the day Texas Summer Campromping around the grounds of TSR riding on the Little Bro, the new Sesitec 2.0, the big cable and behind the boat.  They tore up the skate park, climbed the rock wall like champs and wrapped up the evening with dodgeball tournaments and wound down with School of Rock.

Kayllie’s group, the Flying Pegasi started their day on the cable.Camp TSR On her second set of the morning Clara decided to try the Fun Box! She gave it two attempts and came super close to landing it, she will have this by the end of the week! On the boat she shredded up the wakesurf and had perfect balance while paddle boarding and spent two hours bouncing, spinning and flipping in Spring Loaded! Clara wrapped up the day bodysurfingWakeboard Camp on the Sesitec 2.0 System! Drew again made it to tower 4 and became a surfer chick on the boat – she was awesome! After lunch they grabbed the SUP boards and Drew created a new game called “Paddle Ship” where they fought to take over each others paddle boards. At Spring Loaded Drew taught Kayllie her jazz dance on the trampolines! Sydney again encouraged her friend Clara to hit the fun box. Wakeboard CampShe then surfed Lake TSR, and after lunch enjoyed knocking Kayllie off of the SUP boards….It’s ok, she still loves her! Maddy started off the day with a solid hour on the Little Bro learning how to turn! She took a good fall to the face but that didn’t stop her from going all out on the wakesurf! After lunch Maddy dominated the paddle boards in our game of “Paddle Ship” and then bounced at Spring Loaded! Camp TSRMaddy’s favorite thing? Showing Mitch her prized Longhorn T-Shirt! HOOK ‘EM! He hates it – she loves it! Kellan started off on the little bro and then gave a good attempt to the main cable! He was not going to give up, and at the end of the session Kayllie had to drag him away! He next showed everyone how boys surf on the boat! After lunch Kellan left the crew in his dust in paddle board races. Summer CampHe is so fast that they didn’t have a chance! Kellan joined a pick-up game of dodgeball at Spring Loaded to end the day! Way too much fun! Flying Pegasi favorite moment of the day – acting like bobbers in the boat lake.

Zac’s Group started the day out on the skate park! Merrick rode down a ramp on his rip stick and impressed us all.  After the skate park the crew headed to Spring Loaded and played dodge ball for hours! After lunch they took their skills to the boat lake and everyone shredded the wakes hard.  Tyler attempted a Switch Crow Summer CampMobe and is working on switch air tricks on the cable. Cole can now shred all the way down the lake, and make both turns. Merrick killed it wakesurfing, and Garret C almost made the heelside wake jump again! He also learned how to hit the transfer box on the cable lake. Mason learned how to butter slide, ride switch, and cut out on his toes outside the wake. He will get the wake jump again in no time. Garret W hit a toeside wake jump, a heelside wake tail grab, and a frontside 180!Camp TSR

Brien’s group also had a fantastic day! Will B hit the kicker, got some huge air, and is sooooo close to sticking it! He also went on the funbox and stomped it like a champ. Ryan B tried some surface 180s, and can now land them consistently. He also landed the funbox several times. Will tore it up on the skatepark, and made it all the way around the big cable. He also Dodgeballattempted the funbox several times, and is very close to landing it! Brien taught Matthew how to ripstick and he now glides around TSR like a pro. Jake was going beast mode on the skatepark on his bike, and made it all the way around the big cable on his first try wakeboarding. Tyler killed it on the lil bro learning how to do shuv-its on a wakeskate. He is really close to landing it, and when he does it’ll be party time! Camp TSR

Erika’s crew started the day out on the boat lake.  Her policy of the day with this crazy group – fighting negativity with push ups.   The crew started their day out on the boat lake and really tore things up.  Anna M now consistently lands her 360’s on the fun box, next up the kicker?! Fernando has been tearing up the skate park, we can see why this is his specialty.  Ali, Anna, Isaac and Patrick dominated Dodgeball the the Spring Loaded Tuesday Night Throwdowns! (more details coming soon!)

Mitch’s group, the Little Rippers, Wake Chickshad several impressive accomplishments throughout the day.  Gage got up on the Little Bro and rode like a champ. Alex did a 180 behind the boat and impressed us all with some serious dodge ball skills. Gavin practiced his edging behind the boat and on the cable, perfecting his heel side edge. Corbin did a surface 360 on the Little Bro and we see tricks on the big cable in site! Reid decided to get creative and rode switch for the very first time and George made it all the way around the big cable with ease! The Little Rippers also put together an awesome dodge ball team, Ricochet, for the Tuesday Night Throwdowns in Spring Loaded and gave the big guys a run for their money!

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