Mid Week Wake Report!

MIDWEEK Report is IN!

The Flying Pegasi started off the morning on the cable and Clara landed the fun box! She didn’t stop there. After lunch she decided to try the big box and landed that too! Seriously an awesome day. After riding until her hands blistered Sydney made her way to the skatepark where she ripsticked like crazy in Kayllie’s tube socks and tennis shoes. It was awesome! Drew got up the first time on the cable this morning and continued to get up all morning. After lunch the group made their way to the boat lake where Drew got Sydney and Clara and Maddy on the board at one time, it was epic! Maddy used the morning to practice turning on the little bro, and then tore it up on the skatepark! She was the only girl to ride her board all the way to the park instead of carrying it! After lunch Maddy spotted a crawfish which the boys captured as a pet! She is their hero! After landing every bench start on the little bro, Kellan tore up the skatepark with Scotty! After lunch they hit up the cable again, where Kellan learned to jump off the dock! Shred the gnar!
The Flying Pegasi favorite thing about the day, was that every time someone said “wakeboard”, the girls have to reply with “Shred the gnar!” It’s incredible how many times the word wakeboard is said at TSR.

Erika’s group – The Ninja Power Turtle Rangers also had an awesome day. Zac landed a backflip on the trampoline at Spring Loaded! He took direction well and lead the group to all of our activities! Anna B. surfed behind the boat today and taught us all how shred. She kneeboarded like crazy behind the cable! They played dodgeball Tuesday night in the tournament, and Anna got to show off her hand-eye coordination skills. Isaac had a pretty chill day and mozied around the compound with a great attitude. He also played in the dodgeball tournament with a team that he put together and managed. Anna M. perfected her 360 off of the fun box and almost got wake to wake behind the boat! She made me laugh all day with her awesome sense of humor! Patrick learned how to surf behind the boat and had an overall relaxed day, he was super excited for the skatepark! Fernando  mastered cutting in and out of the wake behind the boat. He was getting the hang of his ollies off the water, and he tried kick flips on his skateboard all day! Ali nearly went wake to wake behind the boat, and landed a toeside 540 off of the kicker!

Mitch’s tore up the grounds of TSR! Gavin, Corbyn, George, and Gage got up on the big cable system. Gavin and Corbyn are now both awesome at nailing 180’s and do it with ease. Reid loves to wakeboard behind the boat. Today he worked on edging heel and toe side, and is getting better every day! George finally made it all the way around the cable and hopefully will be hitting the rails soon. Gage has been practicing with our skate coach Scotty on his tail slides, and is starting to get them down! Today was a successful day, and we are looking for some sweet action tomorrow!

Zac’s crew started and ended their day riding cable, with another cable set in between! Everyone killed it on the boat today, and after lunch they bounced around at Spring Loaded! Mason, Garret C, and Tyler are quite the acrobats, flipping all over the place! Merric, Mason, Connor, and Cole had a blast swimming! Cole can almost get off the dock by himself now, and Garret C is ready to hit the Iceburg. Mason landed the transfer box, and everyone is progressing wonderfully. Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!!!

And to sum it up, we have Brien’s group. Will B landed the kicker, but went down after almost riding away! Day time Will went all the way around the cable without struggling at all! Ryan hit the booter and almost landed it, Matthew got much better at ripsticking, and even went on the big cable today, and Jake hit the fun box and the transfer box, and stomped both! Tyler almost cleared the big ramp on the skatepark on his bike and everyone had a blast wakeskating and body sliding on the 2.0 system!

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