Welcome Session Two!

Session Two campers are here and ready to ride, bounce, swim, skate, climb and DODGE! Counselors, coaches, cook, photographer and TSR staff are already having a blast, this crew is exceeding our expectations! We had a great first day and we are having to force them to rack their boards and head in for the night.

Kayllie’s group have come up with a team name, the Unibeavers. Explanation to come out check-out…. maybe? The group started out the day on the skate park, headed to the cable, tried a boat session after lunch and are winding down with jump sessions at Spring Loaded.  Today at the skate park Kaitlyn decided to try a ramp, and after taking a rough fall, she opted for the cable where she made it around four times! On the boat Kaitlyn learned how to go in and out of the wake with ease, we were seriously impressed. Morgan also made it around the cable four times, and learned to go in and out of the wake comfortably behind the boat. Emma started the day not knowing how to wakeboard and ended the day with skills on the cable and the boat, amazing progression! Emma also learned to skateboard and kneeboard, she is definitely an athlete and is willing to try anything. Charlotte, like Emma had never wakeboarded before, but by the end of the day was able to get up on the cable and the boat! She tried a ramp at the skate park! This group is definitely full of talented kids!!!

Erika’s group of wake chicks are also having a blast while shredding the waters at TSR. Vanessa learned how to wakeboard on the cable and the boat, and is progressing super fast for her first day! She also learned how to wake surf! Marsden learned to cut outside of the wake behind the boat, how to surf, and will move on to the big cable tomorrow! Star shredded up the big cable, and is thinking about hitting the fun box. Behind the boat she almost made it wake to wake, and is incredible at skateboarding! She went from never skating, to going down ramps in under an hour! Erika loves her girls this week, and knows they are going to have so much fun!

Brien’s crew is also tearing up TSR! Dickson did a huge 360 off the kicker, tore it up in spring loaded, camptsrand did a bunch of wake to wake jumps behind the boat! He made them look easy!!! Jedd nailed a kickflip at the skatepark, tried a 360 off the Wahoo’s kicker, and landed a massive tail grab! Hunter landed the fun box for the first time today! He also tore it up on the scooter on the skatepark!

Zac’s posse impressed us all. Garrett threw a huge front side shove, and almost landed it! He tried someFS surface 360’s, and continued to work on his ollie pop! Jacob landed a surface 360 on the wakeskate, and learned how to carve harder on his Heelside edge! When George started the day, he couldn’t even make it to the first tower, but by the end of the day he made it all the way around! He is really stoked to have almost mastered riding the cable!

Last but not least, Mitch’s shredders had a great day. Colton wakeskated for the first time today, and got up on his very first try! He also wakeboarded on the big cable ALL day!!! Sam kneeboarded behind the boat, and shredded our lake like a hot knife through butter! He also wakeboarded on the little bro all day! Eddie is working on a 180 on the little bro , and hopes to have it down by the morning. He also hopes to learn how to wake surf tomorrow!!!

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