Mid Week Wake Report!

wakeboard campErika’s shred sisters had a fantastic day. Vanessa is getting off the dock nearly every time, and has become much more comfortable riding behind the boat.  She carves back and forth with ease.  The boat drivers call Marsden Bethany Hamilton because of her sick surfing skills! On a wakeboard she is also carving much more smoothly and confidently. Star is FEARLESS! She has now gone off of both boxes and the kicker! summer campShe’s attacking it like it’s her job and has incredible perseverance! She never gives up and is landing the booter 67.8% of the time.

Mitch’s crew is also tearing up TSR. Colton body dragged on the 2.0 today and had an awesome time. He has also been practicing his 180 on the little bro! Sam tried a backflip today at Spring Loaded and almost landed it! He also shredded it up on the 2.0. skate campEddie made coupons for the girls at the tiki hut to help out our marketing team. He was full of business ideas! He now wake surfs like a pro, body boarded on the 2.0 and wakeskated on the little bro.

Zac’s group is really stepping it up with their bag of tricks. Jacob almost landed a 720, and got a double wakeskate ride with Myrtle on film! Garrett popped, spun and caught a FS shove it. He has the take off, but is still summer campworking on the landing! Jackson got up on a wakeskate first try on the little bro, and on the system 2.0. George is getting around the entire big cable like a pro. He now needs to learn how to get off the dock by himself and he will be ready to start hitting obstacles. Everyone also had a blast body surfing at the 2.0!!!!!!!!

Kayllie’ s ladies, the Unibeavers, are showing the boys how girls shred at TSR! Morgan tried to hit the fun box, and came so close to landing it! She’ll get it by tomorrow! At the skatepark we had a game of hide and seek and had so much fun! We finished off the day by shredding the 2.0 system!wakeboard camp Kaitlyn also gave the fun box a try, and landed it! Woohoo!!! Kaitlyn also rode the boat like a pro, and joined our skate train on the skatepark. Emma started off learning how to turn on the little bro then headed over to the big cable and got up on her first try! She tried over and over to get past the first set of buoys but hasn’t quite gotten it yet! She will get it tomorrow!!! Charlotte learned how to ride on her toeside edge behind the boat and then practiced it on the little bro! summer campShe also joined our skate train at the skatepark.

Last, but not least, Brien’s group has seriously impressed the wake coaches at TSR. Hunter did an ollie 180 on the big cable wakeboarding, and almost landed a pop shuv it on a wakeskate. Jedd landed a 360 on the fun box, and almost landed one off the kicker! He also tried a tantrum and almost landed it! texas summer campMyrtle rode doubles on a wakeskate, and landed the a-frame rail! He also did a 180 on the flat rail!

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