Thursday Showdowns!

Our favorite day of the week is here.  Thursday is the day of showdowns and night ride! We wakeboard all day and then into the wee hours of the night.  The report thus far today stands:

Mitch’s shredding crew kept us entertained on and off the water.  Colton made it all the way around the cable lake without his fins for the first time today! Eddie worked on his surfing behind the boat, and also made it all the way around the cable lake. Sam tried his first 180 on the little bro today. He is also working on his front flips on the trampoline!

Zac’s group took some rough falls but are really improving their wake skills. Jacob fell hard today behind the boat, but took it like a champion. He also made it past the second tower of the big cable and landed a surface 720 on the wake skate. George is ready to hit the fun box, and is quite the ladies man, always attracting attention from the female campers. Jackson attempted to ride the wake skate on the big cable, and is getting close to having it down. wakeboard camp Garrett is still SOOOOO close to landing the FS shove on the little bro. They had a blast on the boat, and did stand up paddle boarding on the boat lake!

Kayllie’s ladies, the Unibeavers, are looking fly on and off the water. Morgan started the morning by wakeboarding for three hours straight! At Spring Loaded she started a game of tag and got EVERYONE (campers and customers) involved. She also tried a wake to wake jump on the boat! Like her bestie, Kaitlyn also started the morning with a 3 hour shred tsr On the boat she learned ollies. She’s planning on hitting the fun box again tonight in our night ride!!!! Charlotte got her toe-side edge today on the little bro! In the afternoon she also gave kneeboarding a try, and loved it! Emma also rode for a solid 3 hours trying to get past the first buoys! She finally got to the 2nd buoys before our cable session ended! The ladies were also our loudest and proudest cheering crowd during Thursday Night Showdowns.  They rooted for their fellow campers and of course, shred sisters!

Brien’s crew really took it to the next level today. Myrtle landed the C rail and tore it up off of the Wahoo’s kicker and behind the boat! Myrtle also rode so well in the showdown that he placed 3rd!!! Jedd tore it up in the showdown, he landed a 360 consistently off of the funbox, and is so close to landing a 360 off the kicker. wakeboard camp Hunter wakesurfed behind the boat, and killed it on the halfpipe with his scooter.

Finally Erika’s wake chicks had a great day on and off the lakes. Vanessa hit the fun box and totally conquered it! She also had so much fun surfing on the boat, and according to Erika, is the sweetest girl at camp! Marsden also hit the fun box! She finally landed it after trying over and over persistently! She’s been cracking up her group all day.  Star hit the iceberg, but despite several attempts could not quite get it down. She has the biggest heart and never gives up!

more pictures coming soon!wake chicks

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