Awards Videos and Pictures!

Camp TSR Session Two

Hey Session Two! Thank you again for an awesome week at camp.  We really enjoyed getting to meet and ride with all of you, and hope you can come back to see us this summer! Videos and pictures from the week will be posted by the end of the day so feel free to share with all of your friends and family and show them hSummer Campow awesome you all are! Don’t forget to check the blog throughout the summer for camper contests and follow camptsr on facebook, tsr on facebook and camptsr on instagram for cool videos, pictures and news all year long! And PLEASE tag us in your action shots and fun summer pics, we love to see what you all are up to after you leave us.

You spoke. We listened. Here are your survey results.

Your favorite thing at camp this week was wakeboarding on the cable. Behind the boat was a close runner up.

summer campFunniest thing that happened:

Braiding Zac’s hair, meeting counselors and “teachers,” seeing Morgan fall, when Dickson was messing with boat coach Jesse, messing around in the cabin, jumping with Brian and Mitch, Myrtle duck taped Morgan to a chair, Getting duck taped by Myrtle, Camp TSR’s saying about excuses, all the jokes, face planting and the sunscreen war

Most exciting thing that happened at camp:

Getting up on the big cable and making it around the turns, wakeboarding behind the boat, learning sweet tricks, landing a 360, learning to wakesurf, learning to hit the fun box, landing a 720 on the wakeskate and landing the kicker.  Summer Camp

Favorite Food:

Top three choices of the week were hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets and Wahoo’s Tacos.  You guys also liked the hot dogs, lasagna, mini corn dogs, nachos and chilli dogs!

Favorite counselor or csummer campoach:

1st Place: Zac 2nd Place: Conner 3rd Place: Mitch and Kayllie; Special shout outs go to Brian, Ryan, Erica, Jesse and Max!

Favorite TSR employee:

1st Place: Stephen 2nd Place Kayllie and Conner 3rd Place: Erica, Kelly, Lady at Spring Loaded and Ryker

Least favorite activity:

Spring Loaded was in the lead, a few of you didn’t like the skate park, walking to lunch, waking up and sleeping.

If you could add anything new to Camp it would be:

A surf simulator, another cable lake, more movies, snowboarding and less walking.  My favorite answers were “nothing this place is awessummer campome” and ” I wish camp was longer.”

What would you like Mrs. Christine and TSR to know?

“I want to come back!” “I wish you had better camp food.” “This is the best camp in the world.”

What would you like Camp Director Max to know:

“You’re awesome! –High Five-“ “I love it here” “Let us wake up later” “His face was awesome when it was painted” “I had fun” “He’s amazing” “Fun Counselor” “Max was awesome”


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Parents! We appreciate you handing over your kids for the week!

     wakeboard camp

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