Session 3 is Shreddy!

summer campCamp TSR is excited to welcome our Session Three Campers! This is going to be another awesome week out on the lakes, with a little skateboarding, rock climbing, dodge ball, bouncing and hanging out on the side. This week has gotten of to a great start and we are loving this group of dedicated campers. wakeboard camp

Brien’s crew consists of three wakeboarding fools: Preston, Toby and Chad. Preston almost landed a raley off of the Spy Kicker his very first day! We know he will stomp it by the end of the week! He also had fun playing dodgeball at Spring Loaded, and landed a Mexican Backroll. Toby tried a tantrum off the booter today, and almost landed it! He was so excited that he came back and told everyone that “he almost landed a tangerine!” Wakeboard jokes. Chad is so close to nailing a 360 on the funbox, but is still having trouble with the handle pass. He impressed us all with back fulls in Spring Loaded and had fun playing dodgeball! He is always super pumped to ride!!!

wakeboard campDavid, Holden, Hayden and Lexin make up Mitch’s group of little rippers. David has been practicing on the little bro all day! Our wake coach Ryan has been teaching him how to edge toe and heel side. Holden earned the nickname “Ron” because the kids decided that he looks like Ron Weasly from Harry Potter. He makes getting off the dock look easy, but is having a little trouble with the corners. We know he will make it all the way around the big cable today! Hayden has been given the name “Hildalgo” by his fellow campers, and edges the Little Bro like a Pro!  Lexin loves Spring Loaded! He is working on his frontflips, and hopefully later this week he will stomp backflips and spins! Thomas is working on getting around the cable lake. He is having some trouble getting through the 2nd tower, but our wake coach should have him doing it smoothly by morning!skate camp

Team Zac consists of Colby, Ryder, Garrett and Matt and they are tearing up TSR! Colby rocked the big cable, making it around like a pro, and is ready to start hitting obstacles. Ryder truly lived up to his name by shredding today! He has a nice heelside edge, and his bunny hops are getting much higher! Garret is having a little trouble getting up on the big cable on his wakeskate, but should have it down soon! Matt was so ready to try the big cable today, but with Zac’s suggestion, he decided to work on edging and style on the Little Bro first and he is looking good.

summer campErika’s shred sisters Gabby and Claire are having a blast. Gabby tried the big cable and made it all the way around! Behind the boat she rode regular and switch, and got them both down! Claire attempted the flat rail on the big cable a few times and has made it over 40% of the way across! Behind the boat she tried switch 180’s and wake-to-wake jumps.

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