Mid Week Wake Report!

Mitch’s Crew! Today David jumped off the fun box while butter sliding all the way around the cable! He has been working closely with our wake coach to land a 180 on the box. Holden entertained us at dinner by coming up with bro names for everyone. He is also working on jumping the fun box. Hayden has been on the wakeskate all day. He can now jump, do a 180, stick a 360 and hit the fun box on the big cable! Thomas won the dodgeball tournament today at Spring Loaded, and more importantly can ride all the way around the cable! He has even made a few attempts at the fun box.
Lexin has been tearing it up on the wakeskate, and is practicing his 180’s and 360’s. He has seriously shown so much improvement on the cable lake.

Zac’s Group! Garrett did an awesome job surfing today, and almost beat Max in a game of pool! Matthew got his toeside edging down, and jumped like a maniac at Spring Loaded. Ryder had a great day and conquered his fear of riding on the big cable. Now we are working on getting him all the way around the lake. Colby launched big off the Wahoo’s kicker today!

Brien’s Posse! Chad mastered the flat rail today, and is ready to try the rooftop! He is so close to sticking 360’s off the kicker, and while he was riding the boat he cleared the wake toeside. We think he will try a scarecrow tomorrow. Preston did a 360 butt slide on the fun box, landed a raley on one of his first tries, nailed a Mexican Backroll off the kicker and a 360 on the funbox. He is a total daredevil!¬† Toby has been trying 360’s all day off the kicker, and has come SOOO close to landing it. He is already planning on trying tantrums as soon as he lands the 360. We can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow!

Erika’s Wake Chicks! Gabby landed the fun box on the cable and celebrated for a whole lap!!! Behind the boat she attempted heel and toeside 180’s! She also shared a book with Erika, and she can’t put it down! Claire tried her new 360 on the box over and over, and never gets discouraged! Behind the boat she is so close to landing huge wake-to-wake jumps.

A few showers blew through throughout the day but these guys kept riding and even played some games inside.

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