Tuesday Night Throwdown… and more!

Zac’s crew had another great day at TSR. Ryder mastered the little bro, and is definitely ready to step it up and hit the big cable!
Colby has his eyes set on a few new obstacles. We’re thinking the Wahoo’s kicker is the next thing for him to learn. Matthew had so much fun slayshing on the little bro, but is stepping it up and learning how to ride the big cable. Garrett is working on his control on a wakeskate, and even rode a skim board on the little bro. He can ride anything! Garrett and Matthew were also fierce competitors in Spring Loaded’s weekly dodgeball tournament!

Erika’s shred sisters showed the boys what’s up at TSR. The coaches encouraged Gabby heelside 180’s on the boat and cable today. She is gaining some serious control over her board. She also hit the fun box, it was so exciting watching how much she progressed today! Behind the boat Claire practiced her wake-to-wake jumps and nearly has it down!  She also showed off her toeside 180’s, and is started working on 360’s on the box. She will definitely have it down by the end of the week!

Brien’s group really worked the obstacles today on the cable. Chad has his 360 on the funbox down! He is now working on his toeside wake to wake jumps, and had a blast watching the dodgeball tournament in Spring Loaded. Toby also has his 360’s on the funbox on lock and is working on learning a 360 off of the Wahoo’s kicker! He also had a great time wakesurfing and watching the dodgeball tournament. Preston is SOOOO close to landing a raley off the kicker, but still hasn’t quite gotten it down. He also learned how how to wakesurf behind the boat, and had a great time watching dodgeball.

Mitch’s crew is the jack of all trades, trying everything they can on the water at TSR! Holden learned how to wakeskate today on the little bro, and hopes to take it to the big cable as soon as possible! David has been practicing his 180’s on the little bro, and is getting much better! Thomas also learned how to wakeskate on the little bro today! We are now helping him work on cutting in and out of the wake. Lexin is learning how to ride switch. He started on the little bro, and can now make it around the big lake!
Hayden learned how to wakeskate on the little bro too, and got up on his first try! This crew also entered into the dodgeball tournament, and made it pretty far in the bracket! Their team name was the Minions!

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