Thursday Madness

Big Bird’s Bunch (AKA Zac’s group)

After warming up on the little bro, Ryder exceeded his previous distance on the big cable, making it past the 2nd tower. I believe he is building great confidence, and narrowly missed a heel side wake jump behind the boat! Way to go Ryder!! Matt also made it further on the big cable, and is still working on his edging. Then, he had a blast learning how to surf behind the boat! Garrett wake skated, and even wakeboarded like a maniac around the cable. He made it all the way around the lake for his first time ever and came back sporting a grin from ear to ear. We’re pumped! Colby cleared the wake off his heels, and went huge! He is also getting more comfortable off the Spy Kicker. We’re hoping he’ll start throwing some grabs off the kicker soon.

Mitch’s Mob

Holden has been showing determination behind the boat and today all that hard work paid off! Holden landed a huge wake to wake jump! Holden has an awesome personality and has been encouraging the others to try new things-way to go Holden! David finally got that heel side edge down and has been working on edging toward the kickers. Can’t wait for him to hit the-tomorrow maybe? Oh yeah! Hayden has been working on spins today! He landed a 180 behind the boat and is now working on a 360 on the little bro! Thomas continues to shred the skate park and is currently working on his tail slides with our skate coach Scotty. Lexin has been taking a liking to the wakeskate. He is working on his 360 and can already land the 180.

Brien’s Bunch

Chad has improved so much from camp last year! He landed a 540 on the box, and can go toe side and heel side over the wake consistently. Preston wake surfed behind the boat and had some fun on the paddle board-what a blast!Toby is another camper who has shown tremendous improvement. Toby perfected his 360’s on the fun box and was killing it on the flat rail. Brien’s bunch also all surfed on a paddle boarded behind the boat together!

Erika’s Entourage

Erika’s Entourage is stylish on and off the water! Claire kept trying her 360’s on the fun box showing some extreme determination. She also nearly went wake to wake behind the boat! Gabbi continuously hit and landed the fun box! She even tried doing 180’s across it! She even hit the box today! Way to go shred sisters!

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